Nine Tips that Street Fighter 5’s Tutorial Won't Teach You

Most tutorials teach the basics. These nine tips for the beginner and intermediate players will help you understand the game beyond simple strategies.

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Yeah, "use anti-air moves against jumping attacks" and "learn combos" aren't exactly pro-tips nor are they in any way specific to the mechanics of SF5. I was kind of hoping for something that goes into how/when to use gauges and v-triggers, crush combos, differences in how chip and stun damage work now, etc.

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Great video. This strategy applies to every fighting game from Fight Night to Street Fighter.

If you use every move in your arsenal then you are usually a good fighter.

Glad SF has gone back to the basics that made the old SF 2 games so great. It's never about complicated controls, or twitch reflex, but about playing the man. Beating the man, rather than beating the twitch reflexes is the key to a great fighter. That was what was wrong with SFIV. And to a certain extend what killed the Virtua Fighter franchise, too caught up with difficult controls and forgot about the basics.

What separates a great fighter from a mediocre one is the mind.

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I love the look of this game, but I'm awful at fighting games so I'll probably never play it :p