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Reminds me of Demon's Souls. That is a really good thing...

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this game looks better than gow3

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That was the most random ending ever! I was expecting more when it just went blank.

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I think this game is looking better with every video. Its interesting to note that many of the comments about the "bland environments" and "clunky action" were also stated about Demon's Souls when that game was in development, which NIER draws a lot of comparisons to. I'm not looking for God of War or Bayonetta or even Demon's Souls in this; I'm expecting something a bit more unique.

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1:49 I wonder if Lil John was the voice actor of saying thatt line. :P

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nier look so old n ugly

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That book is going to be really funny in this game Awesome why does it seem like Nier is like lil jon always saying what lol

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From what i see the game looks kool i will keep an eye out for this one.

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Looks pretty cool, lot of blood, climate i like

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it looks like a worth playing game. let's hope for a demo ^^

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At first View it look Average,but i could be wrong will see soon

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Protest this game

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Terrible i dont know, its from cavia (bulletwitch) but the game will arrive in about a month so they still have time to tweak the game and make it less clunky in combat plus getting better voice acting, because like Gelugon_baat said, it sounds forced. I dont know if cavia and quare have a forum site but i think it will help to send cavia and square a message about making the combat smoother etc.

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LOL, this game will be terrible ... They should have sought advise on making the environments less ... bland

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i think this game is gona b awesome!! rock on square!!

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I just like the Grimoire's voice-acting. I am not so certain about Nier's, though. His lines sound rather forced.