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want this! bad!

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Awesome Hell <3

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Lmao dude doesn't even know how come out of the XMB. Anyway the game is looking good

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It's a shame this game won't be released til next year. Very excited for it.

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@xSlider257 im happy is BEING release in NA.. soooo happy to see a usa release date confirmed

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This looks amazing, doesn't it @overzetdennis ?

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The game I'm looking forward to the most in 2013. I need this!

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Not a big JRPG fan but this game looks beautiful and I may have to give it a try

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Too bad they probably won't include the original japanese voice track with subtitles in english. English dubs like these are always horrible.

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@b0sse you know the *** voices are bad right?

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@sion041391 @b0sse bad?

the japs have the best voices for animes and and JP games.

check naruto and bleach for example HORRIBLE voice cast from the U.S

nice try though racist

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I want plushies! ...The game looks really good too.