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Next Mass Effect: What We Want To See

With the next Mass Effect in production, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition just around the corner, Lucy discusses what the next entry in the franchise can take from the trilogy, as well as the oft-maligned Andromeda.

There's a lot of buzz around Mass Effect at the moment. Maybe it's because BioWare has finally confirmed that they're working on the next instalment in the franchise, or maybe it's because the remaster of the beloved trilogy is right around the corner. In any case, Lucy has Mass Effect on the brain.

While waiting for the Legendary Edition, she's gone back to playing Mass Effect Andromeda and has made a list of things that the next Mass Effect could take from both the original trilogy, as well as Andromeda, as well as changes she'd love to see BioWare make with their sci-fi epic. From where in the timeline the story will take place (hopefully as a sequel to Andromeda and the trilogy) as well as which characters we should definitely leave behind (cough, Shepard), it's an exhaustive list of Mass Effect goodness. She covers characters, gameplay changes, and even broaches the subject of day one DLC.

If you're a Mass Effect fan, make sure to head over to, where we'll have loads more Mass Effect videos coming out in the weeks leading up to the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on May 14.