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is it true that the saboteur will come out in dec 4 in Europe?

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I cant wait for the saboteur but why does gamespot censor the images of it?

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good one

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@ricois300 I agree with you :)

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Saboteur looks good from the vids I've seen. It looks much better than Mercs 2 and I'll be picking it up. To all the people that say it is a combination of other games like climbing of Assassins Creed, perks from COD, open world of GTA/Mercs. OK, where's the problem with that. I wish more games took the good parts of every other game and built off that.

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While Pandemics Westwood Studio has closed we have moved over to EA LA & are beyond excited to launch The Saboteur on December 8th.

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thats a Del tha funky homosapian shirt! Reppin the bay.

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SuperB56 is right.

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This is not going to be good.

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So, let me get this straight- Ea is taking over Pandemic?

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yeap, thank you for the game, not so great for those who made it.

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At least we can all still enjoy The Saboteur.

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I wish everyone at Pandemic good luck, and I hope that you are able to find another job. Thank you for all the great games.