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A good way for remembering the past ...

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looks like cash grab got serious

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nintendo level editor or else!!!

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OMG ... golden showers? This is the gayest mario yet.... Ill still buy it :(

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Didn't we just get 3D Land? Not that I don't love Mario, it's juts that maybe he should take a break, at least from 3DS. Give us a new Metroid or Star Fox in 3D. Seriously, I know the game is going to be fun, but couldn't you just make this game later on in the console life cycle when Mario is need, cause he certainly isn't now.

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Why are again fighting the same bosses like the wii version, there are so many other enemies in mario, seriously nintendo creativity please.

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look at all those coins!!!

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Did I just see 100 coins in just one coin? Id rather have a 1UP mushroom..

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Yes! Mega Mario and Mini Mario are back!

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I've been waiting for a challenging Mario platformer to come out some time... Looks like this one will be about the same difficulty as NSMB1.

*sigh* I like the games, but not when I can beat them within a week.

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I actually think this one will be pretty challenging considering you want to collect as many coins as possible without making any severe errors. I was worried it was going to be easy but I saw some later footage that contained more devious stages.

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@OmegaRecon I know the feeling. I completed Super Mario 3D Land in about 2-3 sittings. It was ok while it lasted but no where near as fun, challenging or rewarding as say.. Super Mario Bros 1, 3 or Super Mario World.

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Looks pretty bland. Why are they still using lives? They stopped serving a purpose when games moved from the arcade to consoles. What's the point of collecting coins if you don't get anything worthwhile for it?

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@Pffrbt The coins were a good and useful system back in the day when games transitioned from competing for high scores to simply beating the game. You started with X amount and majority of players would need to get more in order to be able to make it to the end. I think the life system is great, though it's definitely lost it's purpose as these line of Mario games have "evolved".

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Meh. How many times can I play the same Mario game again, and again, and again, and again.....I mean, I like Mario as much as the next player, but enough is enough. I would like to see a "darker" Mario game that isn't all puppy dogs & ice cream. The series could use an "edge". I'd like to see a Mario game with a darker, more sinister atmosphere. Nothing over the top, just something..........different....more sinister.

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@antoun32 Sorry man! Mario is for all ages. Just seems to me like you've maybe outgrown Mario. I myself don't want a darker Mario. still love the mellow, not-so-threatning-Mario games, even at a age of 34!

I've been playing Mario all my life, that's why I have Nintendo. For my 'darker' games, I've got a PS3.

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Indeed, I love how Nintendo still provides us with amazing experiences that have a universal appeal but still are very challenging and in some cases, provide deeper experiences that many "darker" games.

One thing I really like about each Mario title is how Nintendo always gives us a new theme song that still sounds very Mario, but it's totally different song, my favorite one being the Super Mario 3D Land right now, but I'm digging the theme song for this title.

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Super Mario was always both fun and challenging. It's a shame to see it 'baby you' if you die too many times on the one stage by giving you the suit. That's the challenge part gone.. along with the accomplishment of completing a challenging game. Oh yeah! It must be accessible to the masses who don't play games.

GD it Nintendo... not you too!

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@BludshedX You don't have to take the suit and NSMB has never been a challenge. If by putting that in the game they are willing to make the game harder than SMB2(Japan) then I like it.

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@ArabrockermanX But by having the suit they are making the game easier, not harder. Part of the fun of Super Mario Bros was not being able to see the later stages until you were good enough to cakewalk through the first lot. When you finally bet the game it was so much more satisfying. I understand the game suit does not need to be taken. But the why not just make the whole game open so you can play the last stage from the start?

There are going to be people who object, but I wish they didn't put it in. I guess today's younger gamers haven't got what it takes to play a challenging game right through to the end without help along the way :P

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Freaking hilarious, although I was never proficient at FPS games, I do remember how insane they used to be. There are some on XBLA that I think try to bring back that crazy speed and accuracy that Quake and Unreal Tournament had but yeah, all the biggest FPS games now are pretty much cake walks.

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It's not that we're more capable, we're just used to more intense challenges. For me, I do admit that if a game is story driven (like Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex) I don't necessarily want a brutal challenge, I don't want it to be super easy but these kinds of games you want to know what happens next and if say a boss is keeping you from progressing, it's super frustrating because there is that story you want to know more of whereas games like Megaman that are brutal but give you the satisfaction of finally beating it, along with a new powerup :3

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@BludshedX the point of the super guide and these little powerups is to give newbies a little edge while still maintaining a level of challenge for experienced fans. That way they don't have to water down the the design of the game itself.

not to mention that it's 100% optional, so really, why fuss over it?

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@Shinobishyguy and another..


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@Shinobishyguy I could just... y'know.. stick to the original Super Mario Bros too. But that's not the point. If players have to avoid certain aspects of a game in order to have a more traditional and challenging experience it means the game has been dumbed down. Who knows why, but that is just stating fact.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1ZtBCpo0eU adds to my point

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@abHS4L88 Agreed. I guess we were just more capable gamers back in those days and didn't just act like we were lol

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@BludshedX you could just...y'know

Not use the suit.

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If you look at the most popular games of today, can you really blame new gamers for being kind of sucky? I mean we have FPS games that hardly test your reflexes and precision, action games that make it way too easy to kill your enemies, and adventure games that insist of holding your hand longer than you need to. Really only platformers and fighting games have really remained high in difficulty and skill level required to master.

Back in the early 90s the most popular games were those that had no problems brutally murdering you like Contra, Ninja Gaiden, MegaMan, Super Mario, Rayman, Ghosts n Goblins so we were trained young. Also 3D games, it's much harder to find the balance of difficult since 3D space is MUCH larger and harder to keep track of than 2D so it does seem much harder to make a very challenging game without it seeming unfair. I think Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are probably two of the most challenging 3D games I've played in a while, that and Portal (but that's also a puzzler, they're meant to screw with your mind).

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Okay, the monster mario looks pretty cool!

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Yep, that's a Mario game alright.

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Looks quite good.