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New Splinter Cell In The Works… Please Be Real! | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about Splinter Cell reportedly getting a new game soon, the Xbox Series X mini-fridge selling out fast, and Microsoft’s plans to buy more studios in the future.

In this video, DeVante talks about a report from VGC that Ubisoft is working on a new Splinter Cell game. The report shed no light on what type of game the new Splinter Cell might be, though it was described as being a "mainline" entry as opposed to some type of spin-off.

DeVante also talks about the Xbox Series X mini-fridge selling out fast as well as Phil Spencer revealing Microsoft is not done buying studios. Microsoft's last big gaming acquisition was ZeniMax/Bethesda, which it paid $7.5 billion to buy. Microsoft now has 23 game development studios spread across the world, working on a variety of projects.

Later in the video, he covers the latest games being added to Game Pass for the second half of October. Titles like: The Forgotten City, Outriders for PC, Backbone and Age of Empires IV.

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