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New Releases: Top PS4 Digital Games Releasing April 25 - May 8

Check out the latest digital-only games available through PlayStation Store, including Swords of Ditto, Guns of Icarus, and Trailblazers! (Sponsored by Totally Digital at PlayStation Store)

New Releases typically runs down the hottest games releasing on one particular week, but this special sponsored episode focuses on three games you'll only be able to buy digitally. The cutesy adventure The Swords of Ditto, the airship combat game Guns of Icarus Alliance, and the fast-paced Trailblazers are all coming to PS4 via the PlayStation Store over the next few weeks.

The Swords of Ditto -- Out Now

Available on: PS4, PC

We'll start with what is hands-down the cutest game on the list. The Swords of Ditto is about child heroes rising up to battle the evil Mormo. If one falls, a new hero will rise 100 years later to try again, each time in a new randomly generated world with dungeons and side quests. You can take on the adventure solo or with a friend in co-op.

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Guns of Icarus Alliance -- May 1

Available on: PS4, PC

Moving from cartoons to steampunk, Guns of Icarus Alliance puts you on your very own airship, letting you battle other vessels high above the ground. You can be a pilot, gunner, or engineer, gunning down opponents or repairing battle damage to your ship. With six factions vying for control of the skies, there's gonna be a lot of action.

Trailblazers -- May 8

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Racing games aren't often cooperative, but Trailblazers is all about boosting your teammates to the finish line. As you zip around, you can lay down paint across the track. Drive over your team's color, and you'll get a special boost. You can race 3-on-3 online, or play locally via splitscreen, but it looks to be a white-knuckle experience either way.

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