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New Releases: Top PS4 Digital Game Releases May 10-22

Check out the latest digital-only games available through PlayStation Store, including Laser League, NBA Playgrounds 2, and H1Z1! (Sponsored by Totally Digital at PlayStation Store)

New Releases typically runs down the hottest games releasing on one particular week, but this special sponsored episode focuses on three games you'll only be able to buy digitally. The competitive Laser League, the cartoony basketball game NBA Playgrounds 2, and the battle royale shooter H1Z1 are all coming to PS4 via the PlayStation Store over the next few weeks.

Laser League -- May 10

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Laser League calls itself a "future sport," and considering all the flashing neon lights, it's probably right. The goal is simple: change those lights to your team's color, but don't touch the other team's color or you'll get zapped. But like any sport, it seems easy to learn but difficult to master. Between six different classes and a bunch of power-ups, Laser League games can get pretty complex--and crazy.

NBA Playgrounds 2 -- May 22

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Laser League isn't the only sport you can score in this episode. NBA Playgrounds 2 has the same two-on-two action as the first game, but with a ton of new modes you can enjoy alone or with friends. Playgrounds Championship mode lets you climb the tournament ladder against other players all over the world, and with over 200 NBA players from all eras of the league to choose from, there's gonna be some serious competition.

H1Z1 -- May 22

Available on: PS4

The popular battle royale game is coming to PS4 with some changes--and not just new DualShock controls. For one, crafting is completely scrapped. Instead, you'll get all your high-level gear from supply drops. The deadly gas zone also closes in faster, keeping the whole match moving at a quicker pace. To top it all off, the PS4 version of H1Z1 will be totally free to play, just like its PC counterpart.

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