New Releases: Next Gen Tomb Raider, Dragon Ball Z, Loadout and Broken Age!

The last week in January has lots of games, hooray! We take a look at Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Loadout, Broken Age Act 1, Loadout and The Castle Doctrine. A few other games worth checking out are Strike Vector, Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Rymdkapsel (say that 5 times fast).

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Half expect McShea to say it should be 16 bit and feature a moustachioed plumber.

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IGN did a comparison video between all versions of the Tomb Raider. If you buy a PS4 based on silly semantics, you might want to get your head examined. Same thing if you buy the game again on you new console. Every version is virtually the same game. I'd just buy the PS3 or 360 version - they're much cheaper.

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You can always tell it's a weak release week when a new freaking Dragonball is released.

Seriously, who are you people still playing these games!?!

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I already bought Tomb Raider last year, so i personally wouldnt shell out another $60 for it just cause its been somewhat updated for new consoles... it smells like a cash grab to me.. if it had been $30, then i'd think less of the cash grab... but if you dont own it already, buy it.. .great game...

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@DJKrayz_basic Everything in gaming is a 'cash grab' - this is not a charity. Some titles always get a makeover with updated consoles - this is nothing new.

If you don't want it, don't buy it.

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I'd really love to get Dragonball Z: Battle of Z but it's not coming to WiiU. That wouldn't be an issue as I'd get it on PS3 if it had Move support and the move controller played like Tenkaichi 3's motion controls which were close to perfect and that was without Wii Motion+. Add that and I'd be sold. I cannot go back to traditional controls for this type of DBZ after playing with motion. They are that good in Tenkaichi 3.

I love the 4 player aspect though and it surely took them long enough to do this outside of DBZ Legends wayyy back in the day but I just can't purchase this without motion controls.

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The Castle Doctrine looks awesome. I wanna play that one.

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Lol Loadout and the 'doodle' floping around

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how to not pronouce rymdkapsel, rymd-e-kapsel :D

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ok we really need dicks waving around in our games?

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@equanox214 By that same mentality we could ask ourselves if we need boobs on them.

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@equanox214 YES!

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lol jan 28st

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might grab tomb raider for the PS4 after watching the review

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Loadout....WHAT THE ****!?

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First Ghosts: 1080 on PS4 and 720 on Xbox.

Second Tomb Raider: 60 fps on PS4 and 30 on Xbox One.

Two previous gen games remade for current and both times Xbox One drops the ball. Gods damn Microsoft stop using that sledgehammer on your fans jimmies ok? None of them are gonna have kids after this rubbish.

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@Kinguard73 New Releases!........ every topic turns into a comparison.

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@Woodstock504 @Kinguard73 It is actually starting to get a bit pathetic.

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@zedetach Besides on PC it only makes more difference because you are sat at your desk with your face less than a meter from the screen. We are talking about consoles. No one sits at a desk to play consoles. In fact that is one of the reason many people hate PC.

I tried this the other day on my TV, using my PC. It was Witcher 2 to be specific. And about four feet from a 42 inch 1080p TV, i.e. about two or more feet closer to the screen than your average living room. I could see a difference, 720p was definitely more blurry than 1080p but the difference wasn't enough to warrant buying a PS4 over the Xbox One just for that reason.

Never when I'm playing my console will I take two identical screenshots and directly compare them. Never will I sit with two consoles set up at the same time right next to each other in order to compare.

Most of the time it will make no noticeable difference what so ever.

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@Sevenizz I didn't know it was that bad to be honest. I knew they were down on cash but I figured it was more to do with the lack of online subscriptions and the cost of manufacturing the PS3 which had caused them the issues.

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@zedetach Hmm a 4K TV running a PS4 at 1080p will be exactly the same as a 1080p TV running it at 1080.

PS4 can't run games in 4K, and as far as I'm aware PS4 has not announced any 4K video compatibility so far. So don't see what you are getting at personally.

It is the same as currently playing a PS3 or Xbox 360 on a 1080p TV. If the games are running at 720p that is what you get. The only difference is the pixels on the screen are made up of multiple individual pixels all the same colour.

You could run a PS4 on an iMAX projector and it would still only be running at 1080p.

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@Dannystaples14 Not to mention most analysts predict Sony to go bankrupt within 2 years. The Playstation model is their only division that makes money, barely. One division can't keep an entire corporation (that refuses to seperate) afloat.

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@Dannystaples14 everything that you have said rings true except for the part where 1080 is not a big deal - it is. Especially once 4k tvs become the standard. the difference will be painfully obvious, just as it is currently on the pc.

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@Dannystaples14 Very well said and I could not agree more. Have had both PS4 and Xbox1 since launch and I have spent more time on Xbox and PC simply because the games. All this bickering over stuff most of these gits are clueless about is so tired.

I've always felt the argument just shows whomever is broke and mad because they can't afford all the platforms and its pathetic.

Hey you really want to brag get a job and get all the system and every game then I would be impressed. But all this wow PS4 rulzes - F2P is better than real games. Comical stuff for real.

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@Vexov@Woodstock504 @Kinguard73 No it isn't. People on console have NEVER even experienced 60fps, which is what most of these Sony fanboys are. How can they suddenly be so obsessed with 60fps if they have only experienced 60fps in one or two games? Same with 1080p. All that this shit is, is Sony fanboys saying "Wow 60 is a bigger number than 30, and so is 1080!". Still doesn't stop them from sounding like a broken record though has it. Boring fucks never shut up.

PCs do use controllers but there are more games that don't have controller support than have it.

At this stage I would honestly go Xbox One over PS4 simply on the back that, the entire Sony community seems to be full of douchebag fanboys whining about the Xbox One even though they have no intentions of buying one. I mean what the ****?

Same with PC fans, all they ever do is bitch about how they are superior. I'd personally rather stay away from them just on the grounds that they are 80% cunts.

If either community is so superior then I say stay the **** on your own console and stop whining like little kids.

PS4 was winning before they even showed games, spoken like a true irrational fanboy. So before you even saw the games you'd already used rumours and speculation to tell you that you didn't like the other system? Wonderful.

Not the fact that Killzone is all flash and no substance and Knack is just shit. The only game I wanted to buy on PS4 was Resogun. Lets hope PS4 doesn't end up like Vita and just become an indie platform huh?

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@Dannystaples14 @Woodstock504 @Kinguard73 60fps over 30fps is a pretty big deal. Of course, playing it on PC I was already hitting that 60+ fps smoothness.

And no, i didn't use a keyboard... PC's can use controllers.

I don't know the point of the comparing, past showing your the difference of helping people choose a system. PS4 was the winner even before we got to see the games coming out and its only going to get better for the PS4.

Tomb Raider, I really enjoyed. I think Square did a great job remaking and putting new life into TR. I want a sequel, but Im sure they got lucky and won't be going near the bar they set.

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TR runs 30fps on xbone and 60fps on ps4 hmm, I wonder which is better. And Microsoft said the difference would be minimal between the 2 consoles. Is it also running at 720p on xbone?

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@bigruss51 Naw surely 1080.. thus why the 30 fps =)

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@Kinguard73 @bigruss51 You right, just confirmed that both are 1080. However resolution isn't the only factor to visual quality. Ps4 still slightly better with 30 extra fps. I'm starting to hate this numbers games. Since I have a pc I shouldn't be so picky when it comes to consoles.

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@bigruss51@Kinguard73 Both are still really limited in texture resolution compared to PC though. I haven't seen many PS4 vs Xbone comparisons lately but I'd be willing to bet that the PS4 also has quite a short range of full LOD. It does with BF4, but again that's compared to PC.

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Broken Age looks cool, but it sounds like they sacrificed the length and depth of the game to pour millions of dollars into celebrity voice acting... how about trying some less known talent for a change...? The game doesn't need celebrity endorsements to sell!

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@nl_skipper don't know the price tag on those actors. but true I'm sure there's "small time" folks that are just as good for voice acting.

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@nl_skipper That's why it's divided into 2 acts . First I was bit disappointed too but now I think it's OK to improve the story telling by hiring professional actors . Looking forward to the release of Act 1 :-)

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@nl_skipper (what he said!!)