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@Raul Jimenez

you sound too young to be playing gta 5

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Right now, I believe the "514" number of Dust 514 is significant somehow to the game. In 50 years, Call of Duty 514 will simply mean the 514th sequel.

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@93ChevyNut I'm sure they'll have milked the CoD fan boys alot more times than 514 times.

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What's up with that DOG with a chainsaw???? How do they get funding for something that stupid??

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@smtgfx lol thats cool the girl behind the dog with 10+ arms is stupid

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Metro last light have hardest difficulty in the game but you have to pay 5$ to unlock it . Hardest difficulty (Ranger Mode) is DLC in Metro Last Light . Free for those who pre ordered , this is bullshit .

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As an Eve player, I hope you guys like Dust and come join us in New Eden. Just remember that Dust is not meant to compete with CoD's instant gratification, but more the slower pace of an MMO. The point is to fight 'for something' rather than meaningless arena fights. Become part of a persistent world rather than a universe made of a dozen maps.

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@TheLamaKnows Dust 514 is ok, 90% of the time its broke though. I have to go back after launch and see if its better.

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@kargion @TheLamaKnows Dust isn't going to compete with instant rewards just for being there like CoD or BF. It is not based on single, stand alone (and meaningless) battles. You are working towards a real goal, not just some new outfit to wear. I think some FPS players are looking for more than brainless shoot em ups like CoD. Dust gives you something to fight for. But like Eve, it isn't for everyone. New Eden is a brutal place to live.
I will say that no other game developer is like CCP. They are incredibly active with the player base, we have an elected council to talk directly to them. They spend a lot of time on the forums interacting directly with players. Give Dust a bit of time to work out the kinks, and I promise CCP will obsessively improve on it. Half the reason people stick with Eve is simply because CCP is so actively involved with players.

Just hope you FPS guys enjoy. Eve players have been looking forward to having you join us. Dust is literally a game changer for both the FPS genre, and Eve Online.

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I actually really do like it but my problem is I'd rather play battlefield :)

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@bimastrike871 But in battlefield you can't own planets and steal other players planets! :P

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hahaha, @TomMcShea is awesome :)

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i dont like it

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I can't believe I agree with Tom McShea about Bladewolf's description, it was bad whoever wrote that needs to get sliced up by the wolf!!!!! Still Bladewolf for me :D

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I can't wait to get the Metro Last Light. I hope the Metro Last Light would get better reviews.

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I wasn't impressed with the Dust 514 beta (or whatever it was) for the PS3. I'm eager to read the review/s for it.

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@slimskelter I can't even get mine to work.

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Dust... total garbage.

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@Janpieterzun @slimskelter You sir don't have any idea what your saying.

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@Kevin-V @SirSanchezii @Janpieterzun @slimskelter I never asked for this...

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@timoteo2k1 @SirSanchezii @Kevin-V @Janpieterzun @slimskelter
It's a balance.

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@SirSanchezii @Kevin-V @Janpieterzun @slimskelter Nah, i've been playing dust 514 for 3 months now and the patch they introduced on the 6th horribly broke the game, Assault rifles with 100 meter range, HMGs that barely shoot across the street, laser rifles that blind you and such a an SP gulf that 90% of your time is spent getting slaughtered by guys in proto suits with top end gear and wondering why your AR is less powerful than a BB gun.

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@Kevin-V @SirSanchezii @Janpieterzun @slimskelter

EvE Online (PC) and Dust 514 (PS3) have direct interaction between the two. Player actions in one game effect the political and economic status of the other.

The game might seem like any other FPS games such as CoD or BF. But, the difference on this one is what I explained above. This game encourages you to be in a corp, or your own corp (either a corp on EvE or Dust) and form a squad to communicate. This is not for someone that wants a quick game like CoD, but this game requires communication which is a must! Which requires strategy and military tactics as well. Don't forget, you can get some help from above in SPACE! Orbital strikes that you call in from a Dust player to a EvE player.

Each player on dust including EvE have the same Skill Point system. Each one UNIQUE to a player that focus on a role you choose. (eg. on dust. Assualt, Scout, Heavy, and Logistics) here is a link you can visit on more detail on these roles.

I like this game very much because one it's CCP! Fucking damn good programmers and CCP doesn't rape you in the ass like other Horrific publishers. You know who I'm talking about.

It's free to play, and the official release is 5/14 which is this Tuesday. There is gonna be a big update for EvE Online as well, where there be bigger and more wars to fight in. Give it a chance like you give those games like CoD. You don't have to pay anything, but requires you not be a complete idiot in the game, AND ACTUALLY REQUIRES YOU TO THINK.

Thank You.

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@SirSanchezii @Janpieterzun @slimskelter I didn't know there was a Dust 514 Defense Force, but you enlightened me! Thank you for that.

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" who wrote this that's terrible "

do you know who wrote it ???


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@samus_my_life He was talking about his own bad pun ;)

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Dust 514. Does it take place in Montreal?

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RE Revelations going to be next week. Nothing really that amazing for me this week.

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You totally meant to do that!

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metro looks good

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MLL looks awesome ;)

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Damn i had no idea Sanctum 2 was coming out already. Might pick that one up.

FYI, there's a free weekend of Sanctum 1 right now on Steam for anyone curious about it. It's a fun game.

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Some of those pc exclusives are just awful.

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@Ryuuken27 How would you know, you havent played them? Is it because they are games and from a genre that arent on you system? Enjoy your robot doggy DLC then. :lol:

Every popular game genre and franchise you play today is derived from the PC, and every one of them bastardised and casualised for your weak control method and your weak system.

Thankfully we have new dev teams arriving all the time to the PC scene and these devs bring us something new and innovating. While you are playing COD9, ill be playing The Forest, while you are playing HALO 5 ill be playing Star Citizen.

Maybe 5 years from now you will have games like Anomaly 2 on your system and it wont be awful any more. Just like Diablo 3 how it was awful until it was announced for PS3 and now its good all of a sudden, just like The Witcher 2 how it was meh, until it was announced for 360. Just like Minecraft how that too was awful until it appeared on XBOX live.

All the best games on consoles right now are PC games. Enjoy them while they last because Apple is taking over your console gaming.

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@pelvist @Ryuuken27 BRAVO !

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only thing that looks even remotely interesting is Metro: LL, though i'll be waiting for some reviews on that first.

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@shingui5 Metro last light have hardest difficulty in the game but you have to pay 5$ to unlock it . Hardest difficulty (Ranger Mode) is DLC in Metro Last Light . Free for those who pre ordered , this is bullshit .

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@shingui5 true... I'm optimistic and that's hard to be with games these days. :)

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looking forward to the dust 514 open release.

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@GOGOHeadray I played it. It wasn't that great, it's just a straight up shooter. There is a better one free to play on steam. I guess the ps3 doesn't have that many online shooters, so it's the worse of two evils.

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@Ryuuken27 @GOGOHeadray You don't have the slightest clue what Dust 514 is all about if your saying " it's just a straight up shooter" game. There is a lot more to it. Do your research and enjoy the release on 5/14 when it connects to THE MMO SANDBOX EvE Online.

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Haha love that Tom McShae is doing the narration now!

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I'm thinking of getting last light, but i haven't played any of the other Metro games. Do i need to play the other titles or can i jump right in?

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@Slim_Lyrics Not really. The story in the first one wasn't anything complicated and barely had any characters involved in it. The gameplay wasn't any good too. I'm not sure if getting this game is a bright idea. You may want to wait for the reviews first, I predict an 8.0 or less.

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@max-hit @Slim_Lyrics You're not sure whether getting this game is a bright idea but you predict it'll have an awesome score? Other than that, it's common sense to wait for reviews and it always was.

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@max-hit @theend3r @Slim_Lyrics Yes.

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@max-hit @theend3r @Slim_Lyrics If you notice, this guy "max-hit" speaks only negatively about Metro series throughout different forums. Would not pay much of attention because this guy is bias. I personally really enjoyed 2033 and i think its uniquely atmospheric game.

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@theend3r @max-hit @Slim_Lyrics Hmm do you see 8.0 as an awesome score?

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@max-hit @Slim_Lyrics Yes you have to wait for reviews in the state the games are released these days.

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