New Releases: March 3rd - 9th

This week we check out SimCity, Tomb Raider, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, MLB 13: The Show, MLB 2K13, DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall, The Sims 3: University Life and The Showdown Effect.

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so is there a new DMC games tell me

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Does anyone know if the Naruto game will be available to download from PSN?

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What?? Naruto goes off tomorrow?? I thought it was going to be 8th

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Can't wait to buy my copy of tomb raider.

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the new Tomb Raider might be one of the last games I get for 360. Hopefully it's worth the money, sadly I'm giving up gaming for the remainder of Lent and I'm kinda starting to crack, I kinda want to play Skyrim again but giving it up has motivated me to do other more enjoyable things for the time being.

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SimCity and Tomb Raider! oh yes

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is South Park: stick of truth still coming out on the 5th or did that get pushed back?

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@SolidSnakeTPF THQ went bankrupt. its not entirely clear but the release has been pushed back and will possibly be cancelled.

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Nothing worth buying, I better wait for GOW Judgment

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I find it odd how I already got Tomb Raider. I pre-ordered it (live in Europe) and I got the game on Friday, two days ago. So 5 days before release... lol. It's a good game.

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Tomb Raider + DMC DLC = SWEET!!!

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Bough showdown effect today its really fun to play with 10$ sound like good deal xD

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come on Lara Croft.....!

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Tomb Raider. Can't wait.

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I'm waiting for SimCity!

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Don't forget Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory :)

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i'm pretty amp'd for that vergil's downfall. i haven't been this excited for dlc since...ever. :)

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After the SimCity, 4 hour stress test this week, I'm definitely glad I purchased it. I can't justify the lack of offline mode but the online features are great.

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I could see Sim City working pretty well with Leap Motion, but wish I could say the same for the Internet... It's a leap forwards then backwards if you ask me.

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Can't wait to pick up Tomb Raider, and MLB 13 The Show.

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Ultimate ninja storm is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kids controls (button mash), its sad when i hear peeps wanting other animes built like ninja storm >.<

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I like the new intro and logos


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Whats mass effect 3

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Just one question if anyone knows: with the new dlc for DMC, can we use Vergil outisde his story arc? Like in Bloody Palace and maybe do a run of Dante's story with Vergil (like it was in DMC3) ?

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@cip_raziel no. It's only his 6 missions. You can't use him outside of them.

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how about Naruto.... arghhh..

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Tomb Raider FTW! I'm Desperate!!

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dont forget Atelier Ayesha :)

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Tomb Raider quite anticipaed tittle :)

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I feel bad at how far behind i am with the Sims :(

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8.0 on pc and xbox, and 7.5 on ps3? i heared this game is fucking great.. even ign rated it 9.1

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@blamix99 and you believe IGN? lol

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@Kyrylo @blamix99 Rated games is inaccurate, they can only give you a sense that its likely working without bugs and glitches, the people rating barely touch the game.

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Tomb Raider for the win! :D

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It sounds like you're saying "Laura Croft"

It's supposed to be "Lara Croft". Gamers should know that by now.

Showdown Effect was news to me. It looks somewhat interesting.

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I hope Vergil will be playable in Bloody Palace (although it's highly unlikely). Still looking forward to his gameplay though.

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I'm sad, I want to get SimCity so bad, but the always online requirement is a total deal breaker :'(

I guess I may still get it if it's extraordinary, but knowing how screwy EA servers are upon a games launch, most people won't even be able to play it for the first few days.

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@pal_080 In the 4 hour stress test I did earlier this week, I had no issues playing the game. The online features they added make sense. While I can't say that there is a good reason for leaving an offline mode out of the game, the online features are very well done. I can say that the game doesn't use 'online only,' solely as a form of DRM. It has definitely been built from the ground up with community driven 'regions' in mind.

I can't justify the online only but it is worth paying for if you plan on playing it.

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@pal_080 Ya same, but I bought anyways. And I'll get a Piratebay version for offline play.

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Take out Barry Bonds off MLB 13, then bring him in SimCity to be judged in a courthouse.


Doh! Already done!

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Im going to enjoy watching green scorpion burn lol..Why the heck people want to see games crash is beyond me..Im hopeful the game will be successful..So it bothers green scorpion..Hopefully many expansion packs will be made for the new simcity so it bothers him more an more..Than im hopeful add ons will be available so it bothers him more an more an more..Muhahahahaha

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I'm going to enjoy watching Sim City crash and burn.

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@green_scorpion The 4 hour unlocked beta/stress test earlier this week was awesome. Why do you think it's going to 'crash and burn?' My impression is that the game is going to do very well.

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@kappamerc @green_scorpion Being forced to play online for a single player game is unacceptable. I dont tolerate on-disc DLC, online passes, DRM, or any other shenanigans.

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With Tomb Raider and MLB 13: The Show out I think my PS3 is gonna get a good workout this week.

Might give the ME3 Citadel DLC a go too if I've got the MS points.

Should be a great week all around though.

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wow these MLB games look so real.

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MLB 13 the show, yes.

MLB 2K13, not at all.