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This week we check out LEGO City Undercover, Gears of War: Judgment, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Assassin's Creed III - The Betrayal, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

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i'm hoping that gears of war 3 judgement day is going to be the last one, cause i don't think there's going to be another g.o.w

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Ubisoft, Capcom ,EA ect...keep reguritating garbage in my opinion

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Assassins creed is such money stealing bullshit. I'm getting tired of those games. They offer nothing new to the table lol

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Uh, what about Monster Hunter? To me that would seem to be the best of the bunch.

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Do you know how long itll take for games to get cheaper? I know what you mean but lots of people are gonna buy then day 1

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Damn, this weeks gonna be crazy with Gears and especially Monster Hunter and others and it won't stop with Next week having Luigi's Goddamn Mansion Dark Moon and Bioshock Infinite :D


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Gamespot crew, designers and what nots..! Please, for the sake of me, since I'm probably alone on this; make your videos more like this one. With calm music and a calm commentator. I'm acting like an old fart, I know. However, I also fell like one.... Thehe

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Overrun is actually fun as hell. Judgement demo really did surprise me.

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so in short words its a crap week

except Monster hunter

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I am the only one who actually thinks that the walking dead game wll be very good ?

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@bdous You are ONLY...

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If it wasn't turn based I'll be all over this next Neptunia. What? If the protagonists we're guys some people will complain about how this industry doesn't have any female leads at all.

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2 Copies of Monster Hunter for me. Again Gamespot disappoints me by ignoring/trashing this series. Please everyone ignore their trollish/noobish opinions of Monster Hunter.

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@ngc628 The Monster Hunter games are, indeed, fantastic.

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monster hunter 3ds for me :)

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maybe Lego City but I have no Wii....

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I cannot see anything in March which is worth my money....

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@Karmazyn But! Bioshock Infinite. Not a fanboy, just adding a recommendation.

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wating for gear of war

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Walking Dead: Survival Instinct sounds good to me. Don't have a Wii U, so don't care about those games much. Will wait a few months on GoW: Judgement. Already have Trial Evolution.

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Thankfully I'm only interested in 1 of these and the other I'm buying just to make a friend happy.

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Gears of War yaaay !!!

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Expensive hobby we have.

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great week =) will pick up need for speed u, monster hunter 3 ultimate, walking dead, lego city for wii u and gears of war judgment for xbox360. man my wallet is going to be so mad xD

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Wondering if Gears will get 9.5 or 10.0...

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@DiamondDM13 have you seen gamespots strictness? a game needs to do do stuff we didn't expect with new things that work very well and few consequences to even get a 9, otherwise a normally great game is getting an 8.5 max

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Monster Hunter for me! I'll probably get Lego City down the line.

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interesting >;D

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I like the way this guy presents the show, very relaxing voice :)

as for the games, the ones I want come out in April/May.

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Looks like it will be an awesome gaming year

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Gears of War Judgement and Assassin's Creed 3 betrayal for me 8D