New Releases: March 11-17

This week enjoy the Journey, be horrified by Silent Hill: Downpour, and kick some ball in FIFA Street.

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    @LAnoirFAN Dude gets what he/she wants - why should you care?

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    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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    Mario Party 9 and Silent Hill Downpour for me. Hoping to get a title for both my Wii and PS3

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    Here is hoping the new Silent Hill is good.

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    I think we shall all take the Journey!

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    @vivalatour FU@# YOU what about journey ?

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    Getting Journey, really excited for that title

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    Well my GotY (Journey) is out. It's all down hill from here, unless The Witness can prove me wrong.

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    from what I seen , there is nothing worth getting !

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    FIFA Street for me.