New Releases: January 27th - February 2nd

This week we check out Dungeonland, Skulls of the Shogun, Hitman HD Trilogy and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Beats courtesy of DJ Vinroc:

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not that im don't love games, but i fail to see the point in releasing old software "in hd", i played them then, apart from new comers who may benefit Does anyone else not bother with the older systems once the new one arrives ??

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Nice games

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How do the old Hitman games hold up?

I've never played a Hitman game.

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@nathanmaxtro not as good as the new one, obviously but if you can see past the old frame rates and polygonic performances they're quite different from mainstream games. They can be quite frustrating at times and a little repetitive, but then again what game isn't some times !! Hitman absolution is really good, very challenging though, book the week end off to do a couple of missions (properly).

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@nathanmaxtro the first one is the only REAL hitman game, the rest are just mindless facemashing games for idiots.

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@nathanmaxtro @highlanderjimd @realguitarhero5

They all have the same formula, the same trial and error, the story in the first two feels more professional, in Absolution the story is more personal for 47.

Honestly, I didn't notice a difference, Hitman frustrated me when it was first released back in the day, and so did Absolution, they are great games, but like I said, be prepared for a lot of trial and error frustration, much like Commandos was.

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@nathanmaxtro The first isn't very good but apparently the second is.

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does anyone know if they will release the hitman games separately??

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Dead Space 3 is what I'm waiting for.

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Bah, waiting on DS3 and Ni No Kuni launch in europe.

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No Omerta? But you put Sonic "I need to cash in on something because I haven't been relevant in gaming since the 90s" racing up.

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@chuckles471 Go to hell.

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Not too much, but good to see Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed getting a PC release