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I haven't heard a lot about The Surge. I hope that isn't a bad omen...

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Hey Gamespot you forgot to add this to Surge get ready to die a lot.


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@fanboysaretrash: Someone's a regular haha! You're right, I totally missed the opportunity there. Have a no-prize on me.

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Fuckk you Gamespot for never caring about Farpoint. You have completely ignored the title.

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@nikolistary: they're not the only ones, alas. IGN has covered no VR either. They are oozing with Switch coverage though, even though PSVR did better than even sony expected.

It's like, because they aren't into VR, they want for it to die by not covering it. Way to be forward thinking. Video games are built on experimentation. Without it, we will be stuck with CODs forever.

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@nikolistary: We've included it in several PSVR videos at E3 and PSX, but beyond those events it hasn't had much news around it.

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Injustice for me spanks.......

The Surge seems cool.....horrible soft drink tho IMO.....