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flower is a very interesting game that i played it senses the movement of your controller to steer the pebbles its very cool :P

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deadly creatures LOL Is good game!

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Can't wait for House of the Dead and Deadly Creatures :)

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I've just played it. Its the only good thing about working in video game shop...free promo copy:)

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that ugly HUD remember me Deus Ex 2 ( aa very veery BAD game).. :S... sooo... why use that HUD??? only for that... my score for the game will not be as much as 95...

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F E A R 2 rules.

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I cant wait for flower, at least only 3 more days though

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i want em all

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I may get 3 on 3 but thats about it

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My friend is looking forward to FEAR 2, which will be fun to play with him, but I'm most excited about Flower. I've been waiting for that one for a long time. It looks great! This New Releases feature is nice, I like it.

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fear - maybe, deadly creatures - maybe, bikini stuff - no, flower - no comment.

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why do you say that?flower is good retard

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I'm sorry, but Flower has to be the dumbest game ever made.