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I loved the first game ^.^ so i cant wait to see what the second one has to offer

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poke park 2 lol i couldn't stop rolling in laughter when i hear the name then i really lost it when he said just say you are picking it up for your younger bro,that is so true when someone is buying a certain game they always say they are picking it up for there younger family member, even when they don't have one.

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SSX actually looks really good, never was a huge fan before, but this game might actually change my mind

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lol Frank said PokePark....

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boring week : / thou MK sounded pretty cool

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Pretty good week. Devil Survivor in my number one pick followed by SSX, Mortal Kombat, and Binary Domain when it is cheap.

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Nothing of interest.

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SSX all the way. That game is amazing.

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best game in 2011

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aleyke salam manam khubam baziye ham khube albate na be khubiye man

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Mortal Kombat deserved more then just four Kharacters

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I just love when they go and release editions that are cheaper then the game with the DLC separately after a lot of people fork out money for it.

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Disappointing week!

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So still no Mortal Kombat release for Aussie gamers.... I hate our goverment T_T

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SSX!!! :D

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O and Shin Megami is awesome!!!!

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THEY BETTER not do what Capcom does, Lets just hope Komplete Edition is the last edition for the game...until the next Mortal Kombat at least.

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@howie1926 Binary Domain was released on the 23rd of Feb.

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too bad they wont bring MK to the PC.

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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for me... Also Binary Domain looks interesting... And I might check LOTRO just for a change...

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So I guess this means no more DLC addonds for MK eh?

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Okay Devil Survivor 2.

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@MVan86 Syndicate was released last week, not Binary Domain...you get with the program lol

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Wow...March 6th can not come soon enough....need good games!!!!

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-_- waste of time.

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Yeah yeah..

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Not a single comment on Lotro :)? Is that game dead or what? I remember playing it about 2 years ago and bought the expansion and played it a tiny bit but had to quit for irl reasons. Never got around to redownload it. But from all other multiplayer games out there, that really had friendly people playing it, the kindness of the people i think made me play this game more than any other reason.

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Oh My

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@pooya_d Now dont you sound foolish. No it didn't.

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Dont think about mortal kombat get it..Its one of the best fighter games ive played for a long time..Great game they put together..

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Looks like ill be importing ANOTHER SMT game from America to Australia...

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SSX? Sure!

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Binary Domain was released last week... get with the program Game Spot.

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@Cru3lGam3r definitely mortal combat trust me

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I don't know about the games but I might get Mortal Kombat I might have to think about it.

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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 comes out on Feb 28, 2012. I know but it's still coming out this week.

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shin megami tensei for me ooo

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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for me.

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And The Last Story, Gamespot! Review that!

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How I love to have to watch a 30 second add + a 2:20 video to know the new releases when I could check a list that takes 5 seconds to look at. Thanks gamespot!

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Ssx and mortal kumbat all the way but I hate cd soundtrack thing in MK a lot, it worthy nothing actually.