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there sure are a lot of cheap ..... online in mvc2

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I've purchased every madden to date. It got better every year, until last year. Online franchise should've been in last years madden. The replay reviews were horrible (touchdown when tackled at the five yard line). I'm not saying I won't buy another madden game, but until the graphics go next gen, I have no interest in this title.

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Madden 10 I'm excited for it to be coming out as it's the best year in year out. I could careless about ratings to who ever will only buy ratings of 8 or higher your crazy if you like a series of game titles that you like you should get it even if there rated low just my opinion.

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I want Divinity 2. :(

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Madden 10s new franchise features look extremely good. Plus, they will also be online allowing you to play with friends as a franchise with: Playoffs, Superbowls, Trades, and a Draft. This may be the best yet!

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Madden NFL 10 it was sick that's just all hey but all will come in winter outrun then we will talk now is summer and peoples are relaxing

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its mine!

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No Madden for PC, that's sucks...their lost($$$$),.

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MADDENN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Nothing great this week... Still Life 2 isn't that much well rated so I won't give it a try. I'm no longer buying games with a rating under 8. Not even 7.5. I want quality, I don't care for the price.

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