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New Guilty Gear Strive High-Level Gameplay For Ky, Sol, Axl

Get a look at high-level play for Axl Low, Ky Kiske, and Sol Badguy as they take on Zato-1 and Nagoriyuki from the Guilty Gear Strive dev team. In this exclusive clip, we get to see brand new moves for Axl, Ky, and Sol Badguy.

Guilty Gear Strive is the next core entry in Arc System Works' groundbreaking fighting game series, and it continues with the franchise's fusion of slick anime-style visuals and heavy-metal infused action. Ahead of the fighting game's upcoming beta starting later this month on February 17, GameSpot has exclusive new gameplay showing off some high-level matches with Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, and Axl Low. In these fights, we also get a first look at each character's particular super move, which leans heavily into their fighting style and personality.

The first match features Axl Low battling the shadow manipulating hunter, Zato-1. In this match, Axl utilizes his chained blades to keep his foe at a distance, and when Zato-1 is vulnerable, Axl unleashes his One Vision special attack (Input -- 214214 + HS). It's a move that temporarily freezes the opponent in time, allowing you to lay into them with the attack. This special move is also cancellable, allowing you to disengage the skill and surprise your enemies with other attacks right after.

In the next match, we see Ky Kiske face off against one of Strive's newest fighters named Nagoriyuki. While Ky Kiske has been one of the heroic characters from the series, he's got a bit of a darker edge in Guilty Gear Strive. His new special move in this game is the Dragon Install (Input -- 214214 + HS, when at low health). Similar to Sol Badguy's ability, Dragon Install will amplify Ky Kiske's attacks. Upon activation, it will cause a shockwave that can hit your foe.

Lastly, we have the series' antihero, Sol Badguy, facing off against Zato-1. Like in previous games, Sol is a powerhouse who can move with great speed. He's able to close the distance fast and lay in some heavy damage, and that's what his newest super move in Guilty Gear Strive is all about. When you activate Sol's Heavy Mob Cemetery (Input -- 214214 + HS), the fighter will transform into a human dragon hybrid form that can deal massive damage to enemies. This move is great for closing the hitting enemies who like to focus on keep-away tactics, and given its speed upon activation, it can surprise enemies fast.

With the beta kicking off this month, we've got much more to see from Arc System Works' latest fighting game. More on Guilty Gear Strive, be sure to stick with GameSpot as more details come in.