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Netflix's The Witcher - 10 Biggest Book Differences From Season 1

The Netflix Original Series The Witcher starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is based off of the fantasy series of novels and short stories of the same name. Here are the 10 biggest changes from literature to screen.

Is The Witcher the first successful live-action TV show adaptation of a video game franchise? We're not sure--technically, the Netflix Original series is based on the books that inspired CD Projekt Red's acclaimed RPG franchise--so it seems like cheating to call this a TV show adaptation of a video game. But that's a different conversation for another time; today, we're going to focus on those books that The Witcher is based on.

In the video above, Dave Klein details the 10 largest differences between Netflix's The Witcher series and the original books. Are there more than 10 differences? Absolutely. But the books are incredibly long and it feels foolish to try and cover every single individual thing that the Netflix series decided to tweak, add, or outright leave out. This video would likely go on for an hour--if not more--and no one has time for that. Especially since there's a Best Baby Yoda Moments In The Mandalorian video to watch as well.

If you're a longtime fan of The Witcher, you'll probably notice that the biggest changes that the Netflix series made almost all involve Yennefer in some way, ranging from her relationships to her overall backstory. These changes don't make her an outright different character (which makes sense given her importance to Geralt's story, and also her being one of the few people that fans of the far more mainstream Witcher games know about). If anything, she evolves into the same character from the books--she just undergoes slightly different events to get to that overall conclusion.