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Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 Spoiler Review

Is Stranger Things 3 one of the best seasons yet? Dave and Mike breakdown season 3 of the Netflix original series - from the best moments, to what worked and didn't work, and the post-credits scene! (Warning - SPOILERS)

The third season of Stranger Things has arrived and there's so much to talk about. Once again, Netflix has taken fans of the series on a trip to Hawkins and the Upside Down as terrifying interdimensional monsters attempt to kill children because, well, they're awful.

Warning: This post and the video it accompanies are stuffed full of spoilers for Stranger Things 3. If you haven't watched the new season yet and don't want it all ruined for you, avert your eyes now. Instead, take a look at our spoiler-free review of the new episodes. If you're all caught up, let's get into it.

Stranger Things 3 is loaded with evil Russians, more '80s references than you could possibly imagine, major character moments, and even some deaths that we're still not over. Join us as we break it all down in our spoiler review.

Also, make sure to check out our recap of the season's best Easter eggs, the fun we had with the cast at the Stranger Things 3 world premiere, plus a look at what that post-credits scene could mean for Season 4.