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@Sharif_123 .... please, can you repeat what are you say? Maybe using a dictionary?

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I don't care what people say about the graphics. The game looks really fun.

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A few crashes and the Lambo still looks like new...

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Hey Guys for all people her the game is fantastic . like a bomb Gameplay 11/10 - Graphics 9/10 : Becouse its Directs 9. i think the next release will be Directs 10. NOW FOR CUPS YOU HAVE to Win like 20% of the game to know how bad will be When the 5 purche cars and 5 niSSan GTR COP CARS and a helicopter and 3 land cruiser jeeps after u and the only way to get away its to think faster like your speed PC WoRDS HIGH RESOLATION - HIGH GRAPHICS . Bye Bye

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EA, you lost our money haaaaa, try again in 09 with hotpursuit 3

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looks ok