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wii is too weak for such type of games? can anyone advice a racing game on wii except mariocart? i think no... graphics is really crappy.

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a game in Brazil with Brazilian names, but really Rio again? That is a thousands of cities in Brazil, and for what I know there is cities with better streets for racing... but it`s fine thou... and a black guy who plays soccer, another cliche...

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Definitely will purchase! Looks like it could be one of the best racing titles for the Wii to date!

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EA loves money. They will release anything to make it.

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yes! Police!!

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I likes this nfs better than the 360/ps3 versions. This is the way the series should keep 'er dialed in at, eh? Aw come on, eh?

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looks okay for wii but shift for 360 is hot!!

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this game really REALLY looks like mega crap....the tires look 2 times too big for the cars ( and no they shouldn't look like that even if your going 200 mph ) yea its on the wii but it shouldn't look like a childs cartoon EA has gone off the deep end with the need for speed series ever since carbon.....

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Man, I have to get this game.

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@ flavio_trucker america is not making this game, it's canada

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IDK wat y'all sayngg...!!! (the ones saying "ITS MEEGGAA CRAP" cause from my point of view it AINT!!! it lookss good for the "crappy" graphics of the Wii.... definitely buy this one...

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This game looks like mega crap.....

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I am brazilian, and honestly, i dont like how the game producers view our country from a cultural point. Anyway, Rio environment on game looks good and the game looks fun.

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Was that a siren I heard?

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Capoeira exist in Brazil, i live here you need a kevlar tire to drive in Rio

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Capoeira doesn't exist in Brazil either apparently... rofl I'm from the U.S. and this even insults me at how much information is terribly wrong in this trailer...

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Really.. I'm from Rio and I have to agree with the comments so far.. And Konami.. please.. you want to do a soccer game and forget that the five times champion of the world, one of the most relevant soccer nations of the world (arguably the most relevant), Brazil speaks portuguese! Do your homework! What the hell.. all you need to do is Wikipedia. but I guess this isn't the forum for this discussion.. NFS looks alright for a wii game.

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Dear EA, please bring back Most Wanted!!!

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100% agree with @fire_wolf_br Damn Brazil related games tend to show us the major ignorance that runs the head of the americans. God, Brasil is bigger than Rio, we don't speak spanish and our culture is far different from the Mexican culture. Latin America isn't all the same, damn it.

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Why the heck all these game productors who try to do anything Brazil-related always miss something? In this case, the "Policia", where it's actually "Polícia". Or, on the other hand, where Konami thinks we speak spanish on their PES games.

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im sorry, but i honestly think it looks like crap.

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@ Virtual Erkan Since the Wii graphics are not as good as the other systems maybe a more cartoonish look for th game is better for the Wii than a realalistic look.

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It is more like a cartoon game

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a must buy....i like it...go wii

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looks stylish... definitely a departure from the previous installments in the series when it comes to looks.

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Looking pretty good for the "low end" consoles from a graphical point of view. I am definitly going to be trying this on both. High hopes that, with the exception of Mario Kart, we are now going to get a decent racer on each of these consoles - long over due IMO.