Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Interview: Patrick Soderlund

EA's Patrick Soderlund takes us out for a real-life hot pursuit and then chats about how the new Need for Speed is shaping up.

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Criterion games and EA make awesome games!!!

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she is so beautiful

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Got it pre-ordered. Can't Wait.

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No singleplayer, no cash from me, I'm afraid...

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best thing about this? the actual working Physics!...and criterion helping it on its way

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Jane Douglas is hot like this if you agree

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criterion the maker of "burnout paradise the ultimate box" making nfs...what more can i ask for???? this game ought to freak me out!!!!! waiting waiting waiting...........................

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i think NFS have 2 acctually take a look at what they did in most wanted and carbon. BRING BACK THE DRIFT~!!!!

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Patrick was right to call out how lackluster the NFS franchise had become, it was absolutely the right decision to bring in criterion, Hot Pursuit 2 on the Ps2 was the best and last NFS game (as far as i am concerned); fast, easy to pick up, massive replay value and more importantly no story board!! Download the new NFS Hot pursuit demo, it is no way another burnout, trust me! this is the hot pursuit we know and love.

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idk what u guys are talking about. girls in america are WAYYY prettier than her...

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Love looking at the woman.

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if i wanted to play burnout i would play burnout this is just the burnout engin ..

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cool man waiting for realease of these game

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Game looks like it would be great it if wasn't just online. Forcing only MP limits the market. Going to have to pass on this one.

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that is one "fit" "bird"

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man those cars are sick to see in real life!

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Man, she's real pretty. Can't say nothing of the game, I was only looking her. :)

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@furuki90 dont kill me rofl... there is always time for fun even on the job lol.

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OK it looks just like another burn out but with nicer graphics and with PC online play.... NICE!! :D Arcade racers are the best!! Just gotta find some buddies to play this with, get a steering wheel, and Im in for hours of fun!!

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will wach the rates then i'll buy the game he might be lieing :P

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patrick what r u looking at in 00:45?

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The only way I'd ever recognize a racing game as being NFS would be a bonustrack with hollywood-moviesets and another track on an icy mountain with a steep difficulty curve... I mean.. what -is- NFS? As far as I can tell from this particular game, it does look good.

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Glad that the NFS team is willing to admit they screwed up. Not many companies are willing to do that. Hope this game brings the franchise back on track (though it honestly looks more like Burnout with some minor NFS influence >.

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I'm kinda iffy about the racers getting spike strips and the like. They should've made proper counters for the cop weapons as opposed to giving the racers the same weapons.

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oh man i really hope this is a good game and does well.

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Can't say I'm impressed with the game... I see the NFS franchise is stuck reciclyng older themes. Nothing new, nothing really creative. Today's menu is the Hot pursuit recipe, sprinkled with updated graphics and some more arcade elements. Next year we promise cops will have a swearing midget gun that will break the calm of the racer. :)))

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have u noticed in the video when it shows the map... there are only 12 circuits as a racer and 12 as a cop... I hope I am wrong... there has got to be more! split screen is a must in a videogame like this. and they said they have taken time to put the game together, pfff....

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Opt B/w the chick or the game..Sorry Criterion I would go for the Chick..God she'z pretty..

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When I 1st saw that Criterion was developing this game, 1st thing i thought was this game was gonna be called Burnout: Hot Pursuit, it was a joke at the time, but after playing the demo, only thing i can think of is no other name suits this games so much, the NFS Series just lost its identity in this game, its feels like I'm playing Burnout with police chases. It saddens me, I'm not saying its a Bad game, I'm just saying its not a NFS game. Also I'm predicting a 7.5 - 8.0 overall score.

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omg she is so beautiful.. goddess

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Still looking great! Can't wait for Nov. 16.

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I hope this game is like most wanted because that was the last good nfs!!!

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Criterion Games FTW

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@gibb1 actual it feels more like old time nfs and burnout i like it

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I played the demo and i really liked it, it has a lot of replay value.

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i played the demo, didn't liked it too much, it feels like were playing burnout, not NFS...

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This looks like the best nfs in years i hope im not wrong

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great game