NBA 2K14 - Next Gen E3 Reveal

Cover athlete LeBron James talks to "Video Game James" in this first look at NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4, from Sony's E3 Press Conference.

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When you see Kobe behind Lebron you can tell they only focused on Lebron, because Kobe looks a lot skinnier and different from normal and so do the other players.

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I have been buying NBA 2K games since 2010, and I hope NBA 2K14 address some past issues right alongside its minor additions. User defense has been my issue with this franchise since NBA 2K11. Some game modes have bugs. Create-a-players always look like crap. And why does the create-a-player hair looks like the Xbox 360 and PS3 have the limitations of PS1? If they manage to overlook these issues once again, I might just wait for the Xbox One/PS4 version just for their graphical appeal.

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i hope they fix the all-star mode in my career in 2k14 because in 2k13 you can't be a starter never

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Can't Wait this gonna be a whole new evolution for the NBA2K Series got mine reserved for XBOX ONE. I think I'll be coping NBA Live 14 as well.

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The my career mode better be sick

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that was sick !!

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if nba 2k wanna be more realistic here is somenthing important the players legs are the same you have to change it lebron legs are so diferent than the others players it will be important and the web it has to look more realistic movement I am a loyal player nba 2k

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Surely Lebron can't represent the whole game. There should be more representatives.

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Need more jam.