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the name is detonating clay:twin birds not suicide birds.

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suiside birds? well i guess this is a logical name if you know nothing about naruto i mean they do explode so... but agin like Gelugon_baat said he probably skiped the reaserch,,,

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Can't blame whoever wrote the description for the video to know nothing much about Naruto, can you? Really, researching stuff takes a heck lot of time - time that the writer may not have. Sure, the writer can be criticized for not doing research, but I would not go so far as to question the writer's ability at performing his/her job.

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i think artistic birds would be a better name

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suicide birds lol..

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again that is not a suicide bird that is his special clay jutsu.

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thats cool....they look like owls

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suicide birds. wow. that's a strange title.