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epic trailer, Im surprised at how wide ranging the game is with respect to the plot - it pretty much covers everything from the start of shippuuden to where the anime is at now, maybe a little less depending on if naruto's battle with Pain is in there (I saw a cutscene from it in the video review, though).

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finally it's out now!! i'm waiting so long for this great game!

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Its Here!!! man friggin school is going to kill me i just want to hurry up and play it

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damn. I wont be able to get it until mid november. can't wait to play naruto in 6 tails mode. they should have also added the other biju to game but whatever, this game is gonna be my favorite for at least a 1 year.

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Four!!!!! More!!!!!! Friggin!!!!!!!!! Days

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The game already came at the UAE in dubai yesterday

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Actually already got it (2 days before release in Europe :P, Pre-Order FTW), didn't play much though since I came home late. Looked much better than Ninja Storm 1. Can't wait for some spare time!

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this game is the game of thr year (2010

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Lars. You have got to be kidding me... Namco what are you thinking?

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my psn is uchiwa-raizen. anyone is welcome to add me unless you don't wanna get your ass handed to you of course, lol.

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only 10 more days left!!!!!!!!!!

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This game is awesome!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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but it would be better if jin was in this game becouse he also has a awakend form

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hard to belive lars alexsandersan from tenken 6 is in this game and i heard he has a minigun attack

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jord_111 lol actually, NUNS destroyed rise of a ninja and broken bond when it comes to sales. if u ask me, they were going to release it for the xbox too, but since they already had those two games if would've looked really stupid. Maybe they're going to release it for the xbox cause is the first SHIPPUDEN game in the xbox. But who cares this game is gonna be awesome!!!

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I just preordered it, can't wait for it!

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Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 2, was damn good, in fact, is my favorite But I'm a fan of Naruto's japanese voice So I choosed to play the ps2 game in ***. T.T didn't catch all the story But now!!!! Finally I can forget about these kind of things! You are already in my favorite game list!!! MU HA HA HA HA

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already pre-ordered for my ps3!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to play this game. You know itd be awesome if you could play against people that own the xbox version lol but i doubt theyd do that, still awesome game, can't wait to use pain!!!!!

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Thumbs up if you pre-ordered it or going too!!!!!

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@ Stephenbarr They interviewed. It goes to the end of the Pain archives.

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@ _Gataca_ there is no chance of that happening.

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Wow i dident see that last part coming, is it true o_O

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yeah they just finished the pain arc but if you know what a (filler) is there probably going to start showing those and @sankid you must watch the ones on disney xd your slow because the episode did come out to america

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@sankid - in japan theyre done with the pain arc tho.

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I wonder how far the Naruto Ninja Storm 2 storyline goes up to for the Naruto Shiippuden series. In the front cover it shows him in Sage Mode and they didn't show that in an episode in america.

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I'm wondering wether I'll be able to play this on my ps3 with friends that own an xbox. I'm only getting my ps3 next week so I don't know how it usually goes. Any chance it'll happen?

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@jord_111 thumbs down for actually typing "Believe it!"

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Any news on Hiruko being confirmed? (I know he's Sasori, but I really like Hiruko)

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This is gunna be the best Naruto game to date. Believe it! I'm glad they chose to release it on 360 aswell, i guess the 1st didnt sell to well, was a good game though, they must have realised there are alot of 360 naruto fans from rise of a ninja and broken bond.

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this game is gonna be so awesome. The extra characters will help. I hope the fixed shikamaru's shadow jutsu

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i played like 5 mins of the 1st one and it was awsome!

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dude its taking to long to come out!!! i want it NOW!

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I pre-ordered it today (can't wait til it comes out but meaning i can wait) but its going to be bandai's best hit of the year

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yeah there going to go over the pain arc its going to be awesome i am going to per-order it tomorrow

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If youve played tekken 6, lars is one of the coolest fighter on there, this years naruto is gonna be the best hands down

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cant wait!

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i played the demo its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.can wait tplay the full game

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Is sage mode available, and how many tails can naruto go, i was planning on getting broken bond, but best to wait for this one .......and i thought he throws the rasen shuriken

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I Wanna Buy The Game For The PS3.It Looks Awesome.

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i may buy i for ps3 but would really appreciate if they made it for pc what probably not gonna happen :( first no naruto ninja hero 3 for my psp go (no i dont play psp anymore tho but when it came out i was still) and now this game not for pc

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This could b the best naruto game ever. The awesomest thing is that you get battle all the atsuki.

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rumor says there going over the pain arc

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demo!!!!!!!!!!!!! beta!!!!!!!!!!!! is out played it yesterday its awsome

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just finished playing the demo and it was amazing. i cant wait to get this game but it sucks cuz am going back to school so i wont have time to play online, still cc2 really outdone themselves this time. thumbs up for cyber connect2 d(^.^)b

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i want sage mode naruto in this game cuz it will become more epic game like 6 tailed naruto vs pein

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this game will be sick cuz all of akatsuki member will be there even pein inducle too