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It's not a bad Naruto game for Wii owners. I owned COTN2 And it was actually a really fun game.

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Sweet, im getting for christmas!

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Wy does this look a lot like Naruto clash of ninja 2? Same maps and almost no new content.Come on give us something new.

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lol... CPU fight for the fail... The game still looks awesome though. They could've had guy, oh, I don't know? Smash them into the ground or something?

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Hahaha. They still didn't fix the block system. It NEEDS to be easier to break a guard. I'm fighting a Lv. 4 Naruto sometimes and 5 attacks take away a circle. So annoying!

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Hit detection issues.

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Come on i wanted to see who won : (

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tcoastie I agree. Guy is gettin old. Kisame also now has a sword throw and water clones? Awesome. I may even pre-order this game to make sure I get one.

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I kno that, but what did he call it? Something Jutsu....

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Monkeynin That special was called morning peacock.

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Didn't guy's jutsu have something to do with a peacock?

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Lol Guy sounds funny.

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awesome water clones!