N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights Konami Game Night 2010 Interview: Tak Fujii

We finally get our hands on Ninety-Nine Nights 2, and we talk to Tak Fujii of Konami to get some juicy details!

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it makes me want to play ninety nine nights, i played the demo that guys acts nice

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Hmm. I loved the first Night-Nine Nights. But it did have it's faults. From the sounds of the game mechanics they have changed its faults but not what we would've loved from the first game. Thank god for that! :D At first in this interview it was quickly apparent that they continued to reuse the same game clips repeatedly. Thankfully after another question or two they showed us some new clips and boy were they interesting. I may have another S.T.B.M (Soon To Be Mine) game. Also the guy in the interview has the worst hairstyle and American-like quotes I have ever seen and heard in an interview. O_O

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Da fliegen die Fetzen. Wortwörtlich. Had to laugh at Tak's first words, it's hard to sound menacing in a foreign language. XD

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funny guy!

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Dude has some of the wonkiest hairstyles I have ever seen.

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Can't Wait :D