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My Friend Pedro - 14 Minutes Of S-Rank Gameplay | PAX West 2018

My Friend Pedro brings guns, frying pans, knives, and skateboards into one heck of an action-packed game, and you can watch S-Rank gameplay of it from PAX West 2018.

The upcoming My Friend Pedro is one of the most insanely action-packed games we saw at PAX West 2018, and you can see exactly what we mean in our gameplay video above. From shooting frying pans and knives to performing skateboard tricks while murdering baddies, we were on the edge of our seat for the entirety of our demo.

The game is about one man's relationship with a sentient banana that wants him to kill evildoers in the most over-the-top ways. You can easily just shoot and kill every enemy, but certain items in the environment make the violence a lot more stylish. For example, kick up a frying pan, and you can shoot it to ricochet your bullets all over the room. Additionally, your character's innate kicking ability can be used to send knives flying into enemies. We also got to see an intense motorcycle chase and the demo's secret bonus level, where we put good use to a shotgun and skateboard.

My Friend Pedro launches for Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to GameSpot for more coverage of it and the rest of the games we saw at PAX West 2018.