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i don't give a fuxx bout d map... why soap dead???

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What a sh*tty looking map. Gone are the glory days of CoD4

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sniping is for noobs who can't shoot with a real gun

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lamest map ever

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Activision = ripped off again

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I dont mind paying for CoD map packs (or any other DLC) if they have good ratings and the maps are decent. To be fair you get a lot of use out of them. But Elite effectively doubles the cost of mw3 and you dont know what you're going to recieve. I'm not up for blindly paying for content. It's not right. They should make all maps available to download seperately as soon as they are released on Elite. I've bought nearly all of the DLC in the CoD series so far, and I really want the new ones but I have to put my foot down on Elite. Activision are really starting to take it too far.

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Ps3 still hasn't got the first map...

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I miss the real warzone-looking maps of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, with bullet impacts, blown up buildings and wrecked cars everywhere. I want Crossfire and, I don't know, Crash back. In fact, I want most of CoD 4's maps back.

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1 map...wow

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Bring back the original Highrise

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looks like highrise from mw2

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well its great they bring out new maps big thumbs up but us South African players cant get elite!!!

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CoD is a sellout. CoD is an advertisement. CoD is a sports team. CoD is a sports game. CoD is Hollywood. CoD is everything that is wrong with America.

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Out february 21 and enough with the sniper and close courters make a proper map.

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when exactly is it out ?? what about any patch updates also ???

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