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Peter takes a look at Mugen Power's extended battery for the New 3DS XL, which trades in some portability for extra battery life.

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ok THIS i can get behind, i've been arguing that all we want is a longer battery on the handhelds, and its finally here, too bad i already finished most of my 3DS library.

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90$ and heavier that make it a stupid solution... i think a better solution is to buy a 3ds usb charger for 5$ and a good tiny power bank (12000mha is for 15$) and you will have your 3ds that is still light in weight, paid only 20$ and you have DOUBLE playing time of this mugen overpriced invention.. (a fair price would be for this mugen battery is 10$ :) ..)

(i got the prices from amazon..)

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@springy75: Exactly. And the power bank can be used for your phone and other stuff including whatever comes after the 3DS, when the $90 thing becomes a useless brick.

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Yes, but does removing the battery of the New 3DS void my warranty? I have had to take advantage of that before for my regular 3DS (About 4 times, actually. They sent me a new system last time), and I'd like to have that option available to me if, say, a button stops working.

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Her is a link to it: << LINK REMOVED >>

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Where's the person saying "uh that's milli-amp-HOURS!"

Oh, it's me :)

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I wonder if its just the older model 3ds xl's that have the battery life problem? Mine can go a good 2-3 days without a charge, with playing a handful of hours each day. (I don't play it hardcore, but it still sees plenty of use)

I just finished playing some Harvest Moon for about 4 hours in a row, and the battery meter hasn't moved from a full charge, even after carrying it around with me all day.

However, if you have the wifi on all the time, then yea.. you've got about a day before you gotta plug in

[EDIT] Oh, they're talking about the 'new' ones hahaha nevermind. That sucks!

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@razrabbit: same same, could play my N3DS for over 2 hours with brightness at 2, wifi turned off and 3D on 40% and remain at 4 bars or at 2D for over 3 hours. Just like any other device you gotta make sure you tweak it to your liking.

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it's worth every penny imo...

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Soooo... your telling me it costs 40% of the price of the system!? Naa bruh. This is totally NOT worth it, since there are WAYY cheaper options out there. You'd be WAYYY be better off buying a decent sized USB battery pack for like $20 bucks and getting a Nintendo 3ds usb charger cable on ebay or were ever else for like $2 bucks. WAY cheaper and can charger your other devices too and it skips on the bulk the 3ds battery pack adds.

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Hmm? How about if I just buy a portable power bank to recharge my 3ds when I don't have an outlet. The power banks cost much less and they don't make my 3ds look like shit!

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15 hours gameplay sounds good, but it is a bit pricey. Thanks Peter great review!