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Great animation!

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The moves are spectacular but is the same thing over and over again!!!

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This is Sony's problem they make a new handheld just to make the same games that are on the Console. Take a risk guys.

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i already have it on ps3! could i get some of those new mini games tho? heh would be nice of you

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False advertising. Those aren't PSVita visuals. They had to sacrifice a lot of it to run at 60fps, which I have no problem with if they manage to pull it off on a 5 inch OLED. It's a handheld of course so not much is needed for the price you're getting the game for.

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To be honest it's ok trailer but, I love the music.

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Here we go there will be more ports then new games for the PS Vita like the PSP. No Blood in Mortal Kombat? Whatz the point?

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Holy $h!!t

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why'd they do it? i mean its clearly not frm psvita

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wow no doubt must of it is from the console version ... I love playing with augmented reality in the library with my xbox360 and I see people soing the same on the street with the ps3 lol

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This is false advertising, the trailer shows mostly footage from the console versions. The vita version has heavily downgraded character models and no blood. It will likely still be a great game; I just wanted to point out this major discrepancy in the trailer.

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That was freak'n AWESOME...now please add kreate-a-karacter and let us use the camera to add our own faces...pleaseeee.