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More Details On Star Wars: Squadrons From Creative Director

EA Motive's Ian Frazier explains why TIE Fighters aren't at a disadvantage against X-Wings, why you're locked to a first-person view, and more details on the upcoming $40 game.

Star Wars: Squadrons brings back the classic dogfighting gameplay seen in classics like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter series. In an interview with GameSpot, EA Motive's Ian Frazier talks about the series' roots, how the studio balanced New Republic and Imperial craft, and how team composition can make or break your victory.

The comparisons to the classic Lucasarts series are readily apparent, especially as you're locked to cockpit view and can shift your ship's priorities between weapons, engines, and shields. But that's not the only way Motive drew inspiration. Frazier opened up about how the studio looked back at the strategies from those older games to help the nimble but fragile TIE Fighter feel like a match for the hearty and more full-featured X-Wing.

Whichever side of the conflict you fall on, team composition will make a huge difference. Frazier also detailed how load-outs will be important not just for your own starfighter, but also for coordinating with your teammates. And to avoid what he calls the "death loop" of two pilots simply chasing each other down, Motive has put in a few advanced maneuverability strategies for ace pilots to outgun the competition.