Monument Valley Mobile Minute - The Lobby

Tom Mc Shea gives us a full 60 seconds on why we should check out the visually stunning mobile hit, Monument Valley.

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About fuckin time that Gamespot are looking into IOS games, other sites have already caught on. If you can look past the F2P junk that plagues the app store you will find some of the most innovative and experimental games thus far.

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@prats93 mobile games... sucks... get a PC or a console.. dipshit.

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Yet another ignorant moron who has never played a good mobile game. PC is rubbish, no good exclusives. Consoles and handhelds are where its at. Fuckin deal with it buddy.

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@prats93 Wait, you'll praise indie games on phone but not those on the PC?

Alright . . .

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Hmm, maybe it's time I really give mobile games a chance with this title. I have a bunch of devices but never got into the games.

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Been looking forward to this for a little while and can't wait for this to come out on Android. Only mobile game that I actually want.