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Monster Hunter World's New Mega Man Armor And Weapon Now Available

A new PS4 and Xbox One quest lets you get your hands on Mega Man Tickets to craft a cool new look (and weapon) for your Palico companion.

Monster Hunter World's Spring Blossom Fest rolls on. It's already introduced new content and brought back some special, limited-time quests, but now we've gotten special crossover gear that you can craft for your Palico--letting them dress up like Mega Man.

We have a guide on how to get the Mega Man gear on PS4 and Xbox One, but it all involves grinding out an event quest that is available for a limited time. In the video above, we run through that mission, which takes the form of an Arena where you take on two Odagarons. While that sounds rote on paper, reality is a bit different, as one of the two monsters is a much smaller version of what you're used to fighting. It's actually a bit upsetting--it's kind of cute!--but when you see how it clips through the ground due to its small size, you might not feel as bad about wailing on it with your weapon of choice.

In addition to seeing the Odagaron fight, you can also see what it's like to have your Palico in the full Mega Man setup. This consists of a two-piece full armor set (like the Street Fighter gear for players, it can't be equipped individually) and an accompanying weapon. During the event quest, you'll hear special Mega Man music with this gear equipped depending on the weapon you're using. That was first teased during the announcement of the gear last year, though we've only just now learned that you can't hear the music while on standard missions.

The quest to get the Mega Man Tickets necessary to craft the new gear is only available for a limited time--it runs from now until April 27. The Spring Blossom Fest, meanwhile, ends on April 19.

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