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Monolith Soft Is Hiring For A New Legend of Zelda Game - GS News Update

Monolith Soft, developer of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, is working on a new Legend of Zelda game.

Monolith Soft, the developer of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, is hiring for a new Legend of Zelda game. The studio has put out a call on its website for programmers, designers, and other roles to apply. Monolith Soft is no stranger to Legend of Zelda as it's co-developed Skyward Sword and, more recently, Breath of the Wild.

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Great news, but i need to play the dlc finally. I bought before release, but put like 250+ hours into then original since i dont use guides on my favorite series', & wanted to 100% it (or 99% it cuz no way i was finding all the koroks without a guide). I stopped playing as soon as i found the last korok to max my inventory cuz i was tired of only playing that game. Now i miss it kinda. Again, great news.