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Modern Warfare 2019: 10 Things You Never Knew

War… War never changes. Over the course of 16 games, Call of Duty has become one of the world's biggest gaming franchises. Although many players may have their own personal favorites in the series, none is as vastly popular as the Modern Warfare sub series. With the Modern Warfare 2 reboot just around the corner, these are 10 things you didn't know about Modern Warfare 2019.

Stu here to break down the secrets and controversies surrounding the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot. From Santa Claus to giant teddy bears, Infinity Ward went no hold barred into their easter eggs for Modern Warfare 2019. Although Call of Duty Games can get a reputation for being “thrown together” because of their yearly release schedule, the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare proves that Infinity Ward could put together a new style of Call of Duty game with a well planned year full of map, modes, and weapon releases. The level of detail, fun, and goofy secrets throughout the game elevate the entire experience to something more than just “another Call of Duty game.” In fact, The animations and attention to detail were so well done that both Call of Duty Cold War and Call of Duty Vanguard kept the same animations. It’s been a blast uncovering the intricacies and secrets of development and the controversies and hidden treasures surrounding the game itself.