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Modern Warfare 2 Beta Explained - Dates, Maps, and Early Access | GameSpot News

Modern Warfare 2 beta info drops, we might be getting a new Tekken game, and Platoon 3 is getting a Nintendo direct.

A flood of new Call of Duty info, some exciting fighting game surprises, and more on today’s GameSpot News.

At this past weekend’s Call of Duty League World Championships - ‘grats LA Thieves - Infinity Ward announced dates for the Modern Warfare 2’s upcoming beta.

The beta will start on September 16th and 17th for PlayStation players via early access. Anyone on that platform that preorders the game, received a beta code during the world championship event, or receives them via online giveaways from Activision or partnered streamers, will have access at this time. On the 18th through the 20th of September, the beta becomes open to all PlayStation players.

Gamers on Xbox and PC can jump into their own early access period on September 22nd and 23rd, with the beta becoming available to all players on every platform September 24th through 26th. That means if you’re playing in early access on PlayStation, you have a full ten days of beta to sink your teeth into.

No modes were confirmed for the beta, but a new map, Marina Grand Prix, which looks to take place on a Formula 1 race track, was shown off and will be playable in September. We’re also hoping to see if Battle Maps will make an appearance which are COD MW 2’s larger scale modes including Ground War.

But that’s not all! Right before the beta kicks off, on September 15th, a Call of Duty Next event will take place. This will be when you will get your first real look at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, Activision’s next iteration of Warzone, as well as a taste of Warzone for mobile. Yes, Call of Duty currently has a very popular mobile title, that does already include a battle royale mode, but it is something more akin to the BR that was packed in with Black Ops 4 Blackout than the much more popular, stand alone Warzone.

Ok, was that enough Call of Duty for you? I think that was enough Call of Duty for you. How about some Tekken?

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