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Interview review 2 in 1! Coming up next on Gamespot: The interrogation review. Did that annoying know-it-all reviewer bomb your favorite game? No problem! We're going to tie him to a chair and torture him like Jack Bauer. How certain is he for that score? Let's find out!

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Great game, really enjoying it, but i must say is very very glitchy. 3 out of 5 enemies i kill just glitch through walls and other surfaces or keep weirdly twitching on the ground, also bullets will often collision with invisible hitboxes around objects like fences and stuff, making sniping very unviable and stealthy gameplay very unfair, god knows how many shots i'v missed thx to bullets hitting invisible geometry inbeween objects, i'v gotten throwing knives being stuck in mid air lol. Also, shrimps on the first map are cancer, not really challenging, but very annoying. Anything else is pretty good, the story is very enjoyable even if just a bit to predictable (so far, i haven't finished it) i'm on the third map and agree with 8 score, it just lacks some polish here and there.

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enjoyed your review. can you discuss what prevented this from getting a higher score? your review sounded like a 9.. thanks.