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I kind of dig it. If this were MGS V DLC, and it had Kojima's name on it, people would have a completely different opinion of it.

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This is crap. That's the only thing that comes to mind after watching this.

The people at Konami who are in charge of this literally grabbed ideas from other zombie related games and put them on the MGSV engine. That's exactly what this is - no more, no less. Even the description of the game here in the site makes the story sound like it was pulled from somebody's ass.

As a Metal Gear fan, I won't be anywhere near this trainwreck when it comes out.

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This honestly just looks like a MGSV mod.

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I bet Kojima cried with this.

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My word. Metal Gear just gets worse. Why is it so hard for devs to understand? All EVERYONE wants from a metal gear title is an amazing single player experience in which you play as solid snake. Voiced by David Hayter. We want the original Metal Gear Solid experience, from ps1 era, and we want it over, and over again. Surely im not the only one who thinks the best MG was MG Solid on PS1??

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This looks fine. Who knows, maybe there are enough people left at Konami who genuinely love games and want to craft a worthy swan song.

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Apparently, Konami does not remember Metal Gear 2.

I wish they would.

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I don't like the sandboxish and copy paste nature of this at all to be short.

However I want to mention that unlike others I don't want Konami to let MGS die - I want them to make a new MGS game and bring back David Hayter. Mr Hayter himself said in an interview that he was hoping that now after Kojima is gone they will finally bring him back. I really hope they will make a new MGS game with a different writer and team. Or maybe sell the rights to Sony or Capcom or something like that.

Kojima really screwed up on the writing and direction of MGSV. Water a ton of budget time and potential.

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So they're making the first bad campaign of MGS ever?

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Hahaha omg I can't even finish the trailer... wow. So let's steal a ton from mgsv, make what looks like a cross of dead rising, and completely stain the MG name... smh

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MGS was a Tactical Espionage Action game.

The enemy's AI was a significant part of the series.

Another anchor was the iconic characters built throughout the series.

Take the two out and what you have is a husk.

I don't know what this is, I would never call it a Metal Gear game.


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And thus the best stealth action franchise is dead......

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Why does this thing has the Metal Gear name on it?

It seems to be a mod made by kids.... come on Konami, just release a mod creation tool for Metal Gear and wait for better mods than this crap.

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@viniterra: looks like shit doesnt it. Ive no interest whatsoever.

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if it not from it mind of the creator i dont want it, I think MGS GZ/TPP was great even if it left pissed and confused, either way lost intresting as soon as i saw the parts that made me thing wtf this isnt resident evil

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I appreciate the ambition behind this, even if it does look like a fan made a MGS meets Dead Rising meets Fortnite mod. The worst part is, after seeing this trailer, I can see the potential for a really interesting game with a genuinely engaging story. I mean, it was never going to be as trippy and completely whack as the insanity that pours out of Kojima's brain, but...there's something intriguing about what I'm seeing/hearing in this trailer. Sadly, I just don't think they're going to nail it. And that's a damn shame.

It's also a shame Konami felt compelled to put the Metal Gear name on this, trying to ride Kojima's coattails and capitalize on the success of MGSV. If they'd just spent more time and money on creating all new art assets, gave it a distinctly different look from MGSV, they could've released this as its own thing. Maybe it wouldn't get the same buzz as something with the Metal Gear name on it, but it also wouldn't be facing the backlash of negativity from people who are all salty over Kojima being pushed out. And, really, those people, the Kult of Kojima, were never going to buy this game, regardless of what it was called. The only reason to keep the Metal Gear name on this would've been if Konami was going to through the fans a bone and bring David Hayter back to voice Snake - or, you know, a very Snake-esque character - who shows up periodically throughout the game. Because that might actually bring back some of those fans.

I doubt I'll buy this at full price, but I'm more interested in checking it out now than I was when they first announced it.

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@thedarklinglord: I wrote a few paragraphs, but you pretty much said what I was thinking so I erased what I wrote. I am not sure I'd enjoy the game, but this seems like something that a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised by if the amalgamation of what's in it comes together nicely. It's Metal Gear, there are zombies, you can build your base and find multiple ways to take out foes; those are things people like so if it's executed well it might turn out to be good.

I'm surprised there's even a campaign, which I'm curious to see if they even flesh that out. I can't say I'm excited about the game, but it looks more promising than I expected. It's just up to execution. I think people aren't hopeful because of the Konami/Kojima relationship, and just Konami in general really with some of the things they've done.

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@NTM23: I wasn't expecting there to be a single player campaign either, and that is what actually piques my interest. I had zero interest in another multiplayer zombie shooter - and I'm one of the few people left who still really loves the zombie genre - but if there's a campaign that could potentially have an interesting story or, at the very least, have a strong atmospheric vibe to it, then I'll give it a chance. And there are moments in the trailer that come across like a sci-fi horror movie that you'd find on HBO or Showtime late at night in the '80s - something that really appeals to me. I just hope it's an actual campaign and not some Ground Zeroes demo-length bummer they tacked on just so they could say it has a single player mode.

I still wish they hadn't put the Metal Gear name on it. I mean, I don't give a damn about Kojima and have no problem with Konami dumping him and continuing the Metal Gear franchise without him, but there's a right way and a wrong way to move the series forward. This is the very much the wrong way. It almost feels like Konami is just trolling Kojima fans, like they're determined to smear feces all over the Metal Gear name and it was either a zombies game or Metal Gear Diva, a rhythm game where you dress up characters from the series in pretty little dresses and make them dance and sing J-pop songs.

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This crap looks like some fan made garris mod animated film. Zero quality.. camera, light, animations - all is shit. I wan't aware someone can make such shit with Kojima's engine and tools developed for MGSV.

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The more I watched, the less interested I became. With Metal Gear there are certain expectations and this is not hitting with me. I have played and replayed every title happily since MGS for PS1. The Phantom Pain was different but the more I played it and saw the MG elements come to life I enjoyed it very very much; but this, Im not even excited for so far.

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I like the survival premise of the game but it looks like Konami was torn between having another Silent Hill game so they implemented a MGS skin on top with missions comparable to Minecraft lol

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I honestly don't know if I want to play this game.

I like how the survival looks, but it also looks it will be pretty weird....