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The Metal Gear series has countless secrets and easter eggs scattered through it. Here are five awesome ones that you might not know about!

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Most of these aren't actually secrets.

The fake death pill in MGS3, Solid Snake's dream in MGS4, and Psycho Mantis using your controller's vibration function in MGS1 are all mandatory parts of the game. I would argue that Hideo Kojima in Ground Zeroes isn't secret either, as its found simply by playing the game.

There are a ton of secrets in these games. I don't know why they couldn't have picked some that were actually... secret. Like how about Johnny's appearance in MGS2, the tuxedo costume throughout the whole series, or the Solid, Liquid, and Solidus snakes that you can eat at the end of MGS3?

Also, why does it look like this woman's face is frozen into a smile? Its a bit unnerving.

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What about the Moai statues in MGS 2?

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Snakes nightmare on MGS3 only works in the ps2 version not in the HD collection, just to mention it.

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Trouble with the video? Windows 10 is your awnser, everything works now!

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Would you kindly let me know where to find such cool shirt? :)

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im at The Fear right now on my 3ds copy (plays brilliant on the N3ds BTW) im going to try the pill trick and see if it works. i did the fast forward time trick on The End on ps2 i thought that was great lol. MGS3 remains my all time favorite game i love trying out new tactics and just goofing around blowing up people and slashing throats, will never get bored of it

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The Sorrow's skeleton, Just after The Boss throws you into the river, As Snake sets his broken arm hold R1 and look left.

Dead Sorrows for all!!!

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I Downvote this video!...

The F****n AD works just fine... but the actual Video wont even play seriously? WTF?

And another thing... whoever came up with integrating the ads into the video itself...

you sir are EVIL and I wish you pain and anguish

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@LOKIIGODX41: Use Adblock and Adblock+, No stupid ads on this or Youtube :D

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@redeemer6666: That's the problem I DO HAVE AB+

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Down voted this one! I was only introduced to the Metal Gear series since 2005 and yet, none of the above that I haven't heard of.

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Cool Bioshock T-shirt by the way

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some of these i already know, but if you play twin snakes (gamecube version) pyscho mantis talking about what you been doing like play alot of zelda game lately and etc.

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lmfao no fucking chance I'm listening to an Australian accent to get this information. it's just not that important to have to endure that horrific sound.

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@Deveroth: And I guess you have the best accent of all.

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@aferalva6: true story! I'm from New York City. we have LITERALLY the best of every single thing possibly imaginable, accents included.


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@Deveroth: Wow really? I actually find her accent quite attractive, Different strokes I suppose XD

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MGS 1 is the gem

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@KingofgamersX: +100

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My player jumps into different sections of the video! I can't watch the whole thing continuously

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Psycho Mantis in MGS4 was the best......

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i remember that mgs 4 scenes, where snake sees that broken security camera and there a flash back of mgs 1. and the scene where snake hears raven's voice . such good and also kinda sad moments.

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Good ol' memories of quality games past.

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hehehe I also like when they ask to change disks on MGS4.

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also c4 backpack!

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way cool video! the memory card scene from the first game is my favorite video game moment to this day.

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There were some good, non-obvious codec conversations from MGS3:

- There's a conversation with Major Zero about how to eat food. When Snake does and calls the major back, the major says that he once talked to some idiot who thought that eating food would recover his life.

- Get into a cardboard and call Sigint. Snake believes that it is his destiny to be inside the box.

- Beat the game, equip the Patriot gun, and call Sigint. Snake explains that it never runs out of ammo because the magazine is shaped like an infinity symbol. I cracked up at this one.

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@amdreallyfast: or when snake told raiden he didn't need any ammo then pointed to his bandana in MGS2

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@amdreallyfast: :)

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The Metal Gear Solid series is awesome sauce,. I'm patiently waiting for it like all Metal Gear fans out there but, to tell you the truth I can't wait!

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I have to see this in youtube. gs videos never work for me.

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@andres_ak47: Same here. They should use Youtube embedded videos in my opinion.

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I believe there were some sniper wolf and raven references in MGS4. The wolves popped up briefly and there was the Vulcan Raven toy too, forget where it was seen at. There was the Grey Fox scene where he butchered those soldiers outside of that room that was referenced. Don't forget the big boss reveal at the end too! **Spoiler**

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@madgame23: Wasn't the Vulcan Raven toy in MGS2 at the start of the Tanker mission?

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in MGS4, after the sniper wolf-esque fight, otacon asks you to swap to disc 2 (just like in the first game). i panicked because i had rented the game and there was no disc 2. then a moment later, he's like "ha! just kidding. the blu-ray is powerful enough that we only need one disc!"

i wanted to punch that bastard's face off.

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@BrunoBRS: i checked the box again , that may be i forgot one more cd , lol

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@BrunoBRS: Yeah, that one made me pause too :)

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@BrunoBRS: Ha, that was pretty epic.

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why do videos no longer have quality setting? I watch a F***ing slideshow!

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MGS1 flashback is not a secret or easter egg. it's part of the main game you HAVE to play through.

and Psycho Mantis again? every gamer (even those who haven't played MGS1) know about this. And once again, not a secret or easter egg.

Also, bonus secret from me: the bit about the fake death pill: the guy doing the video was exploiting a glitch in the Fear battle where you can throw a stun grenade at the Fear and then shoot him with the AK and it counts as a non-lethal defeat.

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@GhansB: speak for yourself. i didn't know any of it, but that only makes sense as i don't like the games and have never played them, however it is fun to know. also that part about psycho mantis if it was the first game you played on a new playstation it would show nothing. so yeah that is kinda cool. similar to when you play certain games on certain dates like x-mas and the theme changes, you may have played the game 100 times and missed it but then one day.... see not so dissimilar, played metal gear once saw nothing, next time a few years later "hey i don't remember this"

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@suppaphly42: I didn't know them either, as I've barely played the series, just a bit here and there. Actually kinda wish I had finished Ground Zeroes because now the Kojima appearance is spoiled :).

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My fave was the MGS1 dream in MSG4......pretty epic....

many of the elements like these were always a highlight of the games...weird dreams, jail escapes, odd guard behavior, overall weird happenings...hidden messages...

MGS2's end run is legendary....1 for breaking the 4'th wall is such a grand way, 2 the off the wall humor and 3 how it all messed with your mind.....I mean for a bit there I thought I was going nuts, played through it again and was like dayum this is messed, I love it....

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In MSG 2, after GW gets infected with a virus and the colonel (which you find out was an AI) goes crazy and everytime you call him with the codec he starts talking nonsense. That's probably one of my (not serious) favourite moments from MGS.

Some quotes:

- "Honestly though, you have played the game for a long time. Don't you have anything else to do with your time?"

- "I hear it amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flapped jaw space with a tunning fork does a raw blink on hari-kari rock. I need scissors! 61!"

- "You wouldn't be trying to give yourself a bogus score using some ingenius trick would you? That's just as low as anyone could possible stoop! I can't believe you some times!"

- "I'm not home right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP"

- "I noticed this a while back, but you have far too many Game Overs. Sorry to be blunt, but you really stink at this game."