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I would love to know what the Japanese word for "revengeance" is...

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i'm still so angry that this game won't be running on the fox engine, and instead on some bayonetta style engine. it's just gonna be another hack n slash action game, which isn't bad at all cuz platinum games makes great action games and i love bayonetta. but i was expecting so much more from this game! and i was really excited to see how us the players would be able to control raiden with the same engine from MGS 4.

alas, but now we all know exactly what kinda control scheme we'll be using, and we'll know exactly how this games gonna play out, no surprises here. once kojima removed himself from this project, it was doomed...i guess we'll see how the demo turns out, tho don't be surprised if its, kill all enemies in area, kill boss, obtain new weapon/game mechanic, etc.

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What i first saw when I saw this and what I still think now, is that this game looks like it will be too easy. That cutting skill looks over powered. Still its Raiden. It has to be badass

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Can platinum even make a bad game?

Probably not.

This should be great!

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at last schedule hehehehe

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I don't know why so many people think that this will be a bad game. So what if Kojima wants to give the hack n' slash genre a try? He hasn't disappointed us so far, and i doubt he's gonna let us down with this one. I know he isn't working directly on the game, but he won't let the developers mess it up.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Thts the thing Kojimas not actually the one making this game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Right, but he's still involved. And he's the producer.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> he's barely involved, he probably has some say in the story maybe. but the gameplay is not going to be metal gear-esque at all. no fox engine, and instead something similar to DMC/bayonetta, hence another hack n slash game. sure it'll be a good hack n slash game, but its not gonna be as great as it could've been.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Right, but he's still involved

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i agree with cacolukia ...

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Im a fanboy but this looks stunning, Cant wait! Though can someone answer whether there will be any guns in this at all?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> probably not

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This is not being directed nor written by Hideo Kojima. It simply has nothing to do with the original series.

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I am pretty excited for this one. Probably my personal GOTY

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@shakruk common hack and slash? You must've missed the part where he sliced the van...but seriously, I want to stay cautiously optimistic towards this game. I was so impressed with MGS 4, I hope they incorporate that same awsomeness but with this new gameplay. Maybe we should give it a chance before we diss it :/ Who am I kidding, MGS is a legacy, fanboys are bound to get pissed off if they try anything new >.>

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> this is an old trailer DethAngel22, shakruk is referring to the newer trailer made on the engine created by platinumgames

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For the first time the trailer released before is better than the last one...sorry platinum....

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If They Release This Instead Of Revengeance... Haha... Maybe Not is not the time...

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Its like a side story, not metal gear solid 5. Think of it as taking a break from the normal gameplay were used to in metal gear games.

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man' i already know that platinum screwed this up - never never have I thought that kojima himself will give up the original gameplay mechanic developed to a simple hack and slash game that developes platinum. why, why ?...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I KNOW!!! why the hell kojima! i was so excited for this -_-

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Suks they do not retain the MGS4 game engine anymore. Hope Platinum Games wont screw this up

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<< LINK REMOVED >> they won't screw it up, they'll just perfect it in a way that nobody wants

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woooooooow keren abis

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hope there is face camo again, imagine young snake doin moves like in the vid

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What will you cut? EVERYTHING!

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It looks great and I can't wait for it to come out....by the way, Albaficas, Hideo Kojima is producer on Metal Gear Solid Rising, as well as Vice President of Konami (meaning he's involved with the project in several ways) and this game is definitely not a disgrace to his name.

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fruit ninja?

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-_- I will obtain this game & when it comes out nd have a midnight release i wil be cutting the line at GameStop !!

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Finally MGS on the 360......

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little overkill huh...was it necessary to cut some dude in four different sections.

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When is this coming out?! I need a sign Kojima!

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is it just me, or does this game just scream "loads of extras and unlockables"?

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I hate how my favorite franchise turned into...the whole point of MGS was the amazing storyline and the concept of stealth...this has neither

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ottolopez84 "I am sorry, I have played all the Metal Gear Solid games since NES, up to MGS4, I am a huge fan of the series, the history and the concept Hideo Kojima developed, but Rising as far as I have seen in this video clip, does not stand up to what the previous games transmitted to the video gaming community." Ofc its not...no snake no mgs,they just made ninja gaiden game wannabe with the "MGS" name mostly for the xbox fans since we know most of the xbox fans are kids playing fps and like to kill useless things.im glad kojima is not working on this game...would be a disgrace for his name.

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When is this freakin game coming out already?

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Looks a bit clunky. Hopefully they'll implement moving whilst aim-slicing. It'll be a shame if button mashing ends up being the prime way to do damage.

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I dont recall seeing something as beautiful for a long time.. brilliant.

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haha now thats BADASS! I hope when we get to play this game we're able to shoot guns and have all the other fun stuff like Metal Gear Solid 4. Add more gore to the face like it showing the brain etc.

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il cut konamis head off if they dont hurrry up and release this already FUKIN LOVE MGS !!!!!!!!

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@tu2pac Well they just announced MGS HD to keep us interested. I've really been wanting to play Snake Eater for some time and can't play it because I wrecked my PS2.

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Metal Gear Solid: Cut Stuff Up I can't wait to play this game where you cut everything up with an unbreakable, infinitely sharp sword. Hours and hours of gameplay where you're just slicing things to pieces... really, did we need Metal Gear Solid to do this? Just put out a game called "Cutting Stuff Up".

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@Arda_Daghan212 Plus tech demo ...

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@Arda_Daghan212 It's a trailer ... they probably hadn't even started when they showed this. I know he's still building his game engine ... so yea ... maybe 2014

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no new trailers for nearly a year, startin' to think if they are gonna cancel it

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lol melons

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Looks pretty nice, it seems that we are going to be cutting everything in every possible way when we get this game haha