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Minimalize stealth + No Snake + minimalize Ground Breaking Stories + More slashing with Blade and no gun = Major Win or Major Let down, still since this game isn't handle by Hideo Kojima himself well i put no expectation and only pure enjoyment. And hey it's KATANA dude my fav melee weapon, cutting enemy weapon?? why not?? Good luck on the game progress and finally PC!!!

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looks like the standard hack and slash games. danm, just keep it a ps3 exclusive, keep the stealth, keep the story important, and make the controls good, not "easy to pick up and play", not make it a game where you have to constantly push forward and slash enemy's. i actually liked distracting guards with a playboy while listening to MGS2 soundtrack on my Ipod. hope thats in the game, probabbly not

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sounds like their after the mass audience.... stick to your market segment Kojima and keep it focused dont ruin the series... leave mass games to mass makers. look forward to it

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This has me really worried. I can't think of many "fast-paced", "action-based" and "easy-to-pick-up-and-play" games that were actually any good and worthwhile as anything more than a quick snack. Looks like MGS is getting the console derp treatment.

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The fact that MGS is going on pc is a big thing for me i had a ps and ps 2 im a big MGS fun but i didnt want to go buy a console again...now for the game its one of the few times Hideo is only producing a main title and not directing or writing it. Meaning the new bloods are making this game now i would expect very talented and resourceful ppl under the kojima banner and the producer (Hideo) is always tha man :P now if his vision is 2 lines franchising then great !!! my only hope is we'll have both lines on all platforms....(PC!!!!!!!) ^ ^

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This looks fun. Although it might be challanging to extend their demographic from MGS fans to just typical gamers. It'd be REALLY cool to see Move support. DO IT KOJIMA

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From one MGS fan too another, Rising has to be great. On a personal note, every metal gear game was awesomely challenging. The V.R. missions are still the best IMO

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I think that trying to change it to "appeal to western audiences" is gonna make it end up like Final Fantasy XIII: an utter disappointment. You know it will be when they go upfront and say the most important part of the game franchise will be "squashed together" and "slimmed down". Thanks again 360, for ruining a potentially great game. btw, I have all consoles, I just know how things usually play out.

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i just hope this game could be as equal to in greatness as MGS4 which was awesome and still have

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Game looks good, but I dont think it will top MGS4. MGS4 was such an excellent game and one of my all time favorites. I hope solid snake or big boss are in this game. To me its not a metal gear game without snake... To tell you the truth, I think raiden is a cool character, but I did NOT like MGS2. Im hoping for the best, but without Snake.... I dont think this one will be the best

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Raiden grabbed that thing's cock at 3:22 :o I wasn't expecting this from Hideo, but as long as 'MGS' is making it to PC I'm fine with whatever it's gonna contain.

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You people call yourselves "hardcore MGS fans." BULLSH*T! If you were a hardcore fan, you would be thankful that others can experience MGS. And the "hardcore MGS fan on 360" who uses this game being on the 360 as an excuse to say that the PS3 is a "bad" console are no better.

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hey there people here is a message for some of you microshaft xbox people If you all ways said something like metal gear solid 4 sucks or has bad graphics, well f*ck you guys and i hope you die chocking on a d*ck you dont deserve this game But for the Xbox people who didn't say any thing or wanted the game but didn't have a ps3 I hope you enjoy metal gear solid rising and good luck you guys

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@supertom221. First of all Metal Gear allows the player to chose to be stealthy or not. I've always chosen not to be "stealthy" because that is the type of person that I am. Of course there are parts of the game where you don't have a choice, but when I set off an alarm I'm going out blazin'. It is the way I chose to play the game. So again I'm not letting Raiden's sword rust. I'm cutting everything from the roota to the toota.

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So it's a different concept and tries to emphasize more on Sword Play rather than stealth, so can you please change the name to "Metal Gear Rising" rather than it being "Metal Gear SOLID: Rising" We already gave up stealth, now less emphasize on the story... Jeez, what's next?

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@djmusmc if you really played Metal Gear ever since the 80' you wouldn't even dare to call a no-kill concept a piece of garbage, unless you are the worst MGS player ever. The no-kill is what makes it an MGS, without a no-kill, there isn't really any point to use stealth, and that, my friend, crushes the whole point of MGS. Remember, learn to play, THEN complain.

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this game is going to be EPIC mgs can never die

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sooooo, looking foward to this

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Man I can't wait! I've been wishing they would make a MGS Cyborg-Ninja game since VR missions.

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I think some people might be thinking the same thing as me, on the second playthrough we'll try for the no-kill but on the first we'll cut the f*** out of everyone.

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It's not the question of don't kill anyone. There are parts in MGS games that kill someone is almost mandatory, like the action parts, where you don't kill only in a no-kill completion run. What I don't like is indiscriminated killing, when you don't have to. Besides, it's Raiden we are talking about, and he is not a cold killer for sorts. It wouldn't make justice for him, or the series as a whole. The series don't have to lose his essence, and probally won't, thank God.

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I Can't wait for TGS 2010 WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just can't get over how awesome those cutting mechanics look! Looking forward to PS Move support.

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It's great to have a Metal Gear title on the 360 since I used to be a Playstation fan and played all Metal Gear, including the Game boy version, till MGS 3. I am a big fan of the series, but I'm dying to play MGS 4. Somewhere in the future I will get a PS3. Doesn't matter that the release date was in 2008, what counts is to play the game. About rising, I want' to know what happened between MGS 2 and 4. Still, i would wanted Snake to be in the 360. haha, but at least this is Metal Gear on the xbox

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Let me get this straight. You won't reward me for killing humans in the game, yet the humans can end my game by killing me. I'm sorry, but that concept is garbage. Why would I buy a game where the protagonist has the sharpest sword ever to be featured in a video game just to go around cutting bricks, guns, and watermelons? I know I'm cutting everything that moves. I've been playing Metal Gear since the 80's so I know I'm getting this game irregardless because I know it's going to be good. Just sayin.

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@freddquadros i completey agree about the non-killing. i'm a big fan of stealth games like Hitman and Splintter Cell and avoid as much killing as possible. yes it is entertaining trying different ways to kill oppoents but that defeats the purpose of stealth infiltration and exfiltration besides its been that way with all MGS games. the less u kill and get spotted the higher ur rating is at the end of the game

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hahaha..cant wait for pc!!oh man he is really idealistic on the whole reward on no violence achievement..not like other games that reward you if u kill this many or this and that like codmw..haha..cool though if you could cut the guns of and they run away..i wonder if you can cut their belts and drop their pants?or cut their hair??hahaha

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not sure about the whole cutting down of cutscenes, thats the reason i play mgs for the cutscenes and story. but the rest sounds awesome

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MGS has always had the "no rewards for killing" thing but the large majority of players still kill as they please and thankfully theres absolutely no penalty for doing so, and I completely agree with ryzrocks you have the ability to completely destroy people I fail to see why anyone would waste that but I suppose it's nice that the people who don't want to kill (pansies) don't have to

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I too praise the no rewards for indiscriminate killing. That's the diference between MGS and others series. Of course that a great portion of the players will go on a killing-spree playing Rising, but the no encouragement works on me while I'm playing. For the story, I don't see it as a spin-off. For me, it's a midquel. They simple can't escape of the MGS canon, there is a great gap of information to fill. It will be a great game, that's for sure. The aproach revealed in the video is perfect for the motive, the ninja style of sneaking and combat fits well with Raiden, and is a good, fresh new treatment for the series. It will be a great game, and will also bring some cameos for us, fanboys srsrs

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Oh come on man....we r surely gonna cut the human being in pieces, then y did u put that cool matrix move...Besides which player would rather cut a gun than the guys limbs...BTW even if we cut the gun and the guy starts running, the player is just gonna chase him down and finish the job...:)

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i love the mgs series and especially its story... i hope they dont cut away too much of the story... especially because there is so much material between sons of liberty and MGS4 (what exactly is written in the database)... so maybe we will even see big boss! :D

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Lesser cut scenes? And I was just hoping to see more of Raiden's face in full CG movie? Well, on the other hand I do prefer fast stealth than waiting... But, I think MGS: Peace walker and MGS4 do bring in new players and i bet those new players will become core fans... I am one of them.. Lol.. Thats why I do not understand why they wana cut away some plot? Anyway, we will see how it goes aye? Fingers crossed...

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Well he does realize you don't really need a major gaming convention to release info. You could always make my day and just randomly give us information on the game. I'm just sayin' ;)

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Oh yeah, I can't wait! Bring on TGS :D

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@lilmurfer Guess you missed the part where he said he hoped to have some new things to show in September. Why show it now and have nothing new to show when he goes to Tokyo Game Show

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a lil bit of new gameplay, even a screenshot would'ave been nice.

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I really respect the fact that he said he will not reward you for killing a person. You can do it if you wish, but I really like the value of human life MG brings to gaming.

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Tenchu + MGS + a little bit of Ninja Gaiden = MGS: R? This game seems like it'll be exactly what MGS would be like if you were in the shoes of Gray Fox. Raiden is a decent choice for a character though, he has an opening for a story. I just hope they tell the story well and don't get it mixed up :S

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it really looks like another phase of metal gear mechanics without leaving its essence damn looks great hope its a long game to enjoy it even moooore!!!1 :9

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Looks pretty nice. I'm glad that they explained stealth mechanics.

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Looks good, can't wait to play it.

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it looks like a different metal gear, nice twist anyway.

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KoolzKatz i totally agree with you I'm looking forward for this game

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after playing all MGS games, im looking forward to Rising new approach. Its a new direction to the series and i love a fresh approach.

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I hope they explain the between part of mgs2 and mgs4 because that's what I'm hoping to see when playing this game.

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I have no doubt in Kojima's team. This is already a great add to the MGS series. "Before the enemy knows it, the enemy's killed." I like that, a real ninja gameplay. Moving quickly and swiftly. @cjasko94: In another interview, Matsuyama said this is more than a spin off. Hopefully meaning that they don't want us to think Rising in that way. Usually a Spin off is when the story has no connection to the canon/the main story, in this case the MGS series. What I'm hoping is that Rising is suppose to be the prequel and sequel at the same time and THEN it will be the Non canon to the MGS series. So, it fills up the story between MGS2 and MGS4 and then it will start it's new story. *SPOILERS* Because I really want Rising to answer the questions of the relationship between Raiden and Sunny. His relationship with Dr. Madnar which is how he became a Cyborg Ninja. So, technically this will not fit in with the MGS Series, which is quite sad because their universe sucked me in so much. But then again we still don't know the story. All I know is that I can trust Kojimma's team.

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This is going to be so kick-ass! Raiden is such a bad-ass, just look at him. I can't wait to play as him!

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