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well, I'm (Metal Gear) sold!

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Metal Gear Sold, huh? Hmm XD

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I would buy 5 copies of this game if they ever release it for PC!

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@KIDFOX they will.........

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i just love the mgs serie, the weakest imo was sop, but i replayed countless times anyway.

imo the serie got greater at each new game, snake eater being of the games i spent more time in 30 years of gaming.

ground zero were and absolute shock to me and even considering myself pretty good at mgs it took me me about two weeks ton finish it the first time.

people who told it was a paying demo are either liars, either dumber than drebin's skoming monkey. sames people are paying any cod dlc even the most absurds and useless.

i would have been pretty impressed seeing somebody finish the game in 10 minutes. it's true that knowing the game you can finish very fast.

but telling that it had poor replay value is just plain stupid.

i still play it few times every week and i'm only at 43% of the game.

i seen many worst deals in my long life of gamer and the 18/12, i will buy it to see it in 19000*1600 at 60 fps on my acer predator g3.

like cyborg ninja sayed in mgs, i am waiting for this pain.

last thing, i played both ryse and the evil wihithin at 1900*1600 resolution and the 1900*1600 resolution fps was no prblem at all for the cinematic experience lol.

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That balloon technology Snake has is great to watch

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I thin this based Afghanistan mission or Iraq war with America.

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Man, i cant wait for this game to come out.... They really improved the gameplay mechanics in this one, from cover system to gunfight, it seems that it's all fluid...I hope that this improvement doesn't harm the story.

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You duders are weird.

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This is Afghanistan. How does a game journalist not know this?

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i have to disagree with the gameplay being the best in the series. personally, i loved every aspect of mgs snake eater's gameplay, but i can see how it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. however, i do believe that mgs4 had the best gameplay mechanics of all the games. it had crouch walking, camouflage, and the best animations, and it also had good cqc and i'm going to miss actual dialogue from interrogating people...

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@t_degan Yea the gameplay of ground zeroes is more streamlined, but not any better. You actually had more agency with the specific actions you could take in MGS4 so I prefer that. Though casual fans tend to prefer how most actions are streamlined in ground zeroes.

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i want my jungle camo :(

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This is the most grounded and realistic Dan Ryckert.

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lol the box will like be a classic I bet and exist in gaming for the next 100 years+

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Halo 5, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, and MGS5 PP are why I own a new console

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@cainetao11 you could have waited for these games to be released before buying the console...just saying

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@xolivierx @cainetao11 If that was ALL I wanted to play. But I did want to play, KI, DR3, and Titanfall with Xbox Live friends. So like many US soldiers I bout the X1. I know. We are stupid for buying the American company's console first. Even though they are all made in China, but only one company is headquartered in the US. We are a screwed up country that needs changes, but I wont abandone it.

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@cainetao11 @xolivierx Except Microsoft is a private corporation that couldn't care less about being patriotic. Abandoning Microsoft =/= abandoning your country.

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@Duke_51 @cainetao11 @xolivierx Your delusional plain and simple. Do you know how much money Microsoft generates for the American economy? Do you know that probably 90% of all American business use Microsoft's operating system? Or how many jobs Microsoft alone has created in America?

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@Duke_51 @cainetao11 @xolivierx i think the operator you were looking for is !==

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@Duke_51 @cainetao11 @xolivierx Everything you said about MS not being patriotic is conjecture. its pure opinion. The opposite is true as well. I cant control what others do. I am responsible for my actions however. I choose to support the American company, as many Japanese do with Nintendo and Sony.

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Off topic I know, but when is The Point returning?

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@The_Gaming_Baby TOMORROW

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@dannyodwyer @The_Gaming_Baby What happened to feedbackula Danny?

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@dannyodwyer Danny, dude, rock on. Love your show (The Point) and in general you are one fuckin cool dude. Lets hook up (or have coffee)...no homo. Jk. Keep doin' what yo' doin' dude.

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Dan and Danny!

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Metal Gear Sold!!

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Like Ocelote says "you're pretty good"

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Giantbomb mayonnaise hater! Nice!