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"Authentic Civilian Disguise"... I fell off my chair laughing

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Yeah, that was funny, LOL!

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@lord-janus Did you know that this will be the very last Metal Gear ? You know whatever man. Tell me how in the absolute hell this installment will be shameful. -_-

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Platinum is freaking amazing!!!

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@lord-janus it actually isn't mgs it is mgr, get it?

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@Sento_brean people CANT get it! i keep seeing people saying the same stupid thing, that rising is a shame for MGS. Eventually i think that many of MGS fans are so stupid who cant even read. duhhh @lord-janus

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@Sento_brean @lord-janus Thank you Sento. I'm so sick of people complaining about this game.

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I think the designs are just amazing it's visually prettier than MGS4 i'm just worried about the variety of the combos they seems limited....DMC short combos mixed with Raiden stylish slashes?...thinking

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The Demo sold this bad boy to me, hurry up and take my money!

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The demo was really awesome and I can't wait t get my hands on the full game :D

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this game is amazing

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DAMN the volume is loud in the beginning made me jump

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What's so strange about a guy wearing a sombrero ?

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@The_G_S nothing, unless it doesnt match well with his high hill shoes.

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@The_G_S sure we see troops in sombreros everyday fighting.........

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Can't wait for this to come out! The stream of recent trailers has me pumped. If you're still on the fence, or just plain hating on this game check out this article: http://eskimopress.com/articles/games/item/90-why-metal-gear-rising-revengeance-will-rock

Makes some good points!

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can't wait for this title, I haven't played the demo yet but now that I know it's out I will be.

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i think i've already played the demo 5 or 6 times already... i stopped since i was worried that part would get boring for me in the final game.

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@danaterlord me too :D

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This is how the latest Ninja Gaiden should have been like.

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I'm in luv...hopes its gonna be great....but the metrosexual ''asian western fethish'' ninja with long smooth and silky hair is a big no-no.

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Dude, he gets multiple blades? This is gonna friecken rock

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Played the demo, was short but sweet, controls need getting used to though

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@pqwoei TRUE THAT! :D

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Can't wait! Been jonesing for anything Metal Gear since MGS4, and Peacewalker and the HD editions, although great games, were not enough to tide me over! I know after playing this though it'll start all over again as I wait for Ground Zeroes and/or MGS5.

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authentic civilian disguise lol xD

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i hope there are more. lol

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It's weird, I think I am the only one who thinks of Hombre when Raiden wears that sombrero and poncho.

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So... here I count 3 swords, 1 machete and 3 locked weapons... I hope there will be some boss weapons available, like that long pole made of those little three-armed robots (mini-gekkos?) they showed in a previous trailer.

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Day one purchase!!!!!

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Dat sombrero.

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that sombrero looked deadly

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Cant wait to try each of them out.

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The game looks better in the video on 720P than it actually does when you play it lol.

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@IceQBkid You need a good tv :/

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@BladeStrike1234 @IceQBkid I have a great monitor FYI and the graphics don't even compare to 80% of today's PC games as usual...The 2x max anti-aliasing always bothers me, nothing worse than playing a game with jagged edges everywhere.