Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Gamescom 2012 Trailer

This is pretty much the same Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer from E3: 2012, but with a cute little bonus thrown in.

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Who would win, Raiden or Ryu Hayabusa?

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@ToxikPulse Tough one to call! As much as I love Hayabusa, I think Raiden might have the edge. In terms of fighting skill and equipment, they're probably equally matched, but Raiden is also skilled at catching his opponents off-guard. Ryu can't do stealth to save his life. I'd love to see them both fight though. I imagine it'd be as epic as Sephiroth vs Cloud in FFVII:AC.

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The combat is gonna be really intense: slice at will!

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@LukeWesty @canderosn983 @ThingaMaAlien

If thats the case then how does games look better every year? They tell us this BS about maxing out, but then you get games that come out like Last of Us, Gears, Crysis, even Halo. They been talking this maxing out crock, but of course cck suckers like you will go and pay a full $60 plus DLCs from a developer who won't even put in time to make a game look up to date.

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@canderosn983 @ThingaMaAlien All game have last years graphics you fool, the consoles are maxed out graphics wize...

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What are you mad at my post or something? Or are suckin this guy who replied to me. Ya'll must be nut buddies.

Like I said a month ago, cool game with last year's graphics. I'll pass. Where the hell you get all this other sht?

Bottom line: Good graphics, good gameplay, and depth = a good game to me. This one is missing graphics and I'm sure it has great gameplay and depth, BUT I'll pass. Damn! Go fck off.

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@canderosn983 It makes perfect sense: you based your judgment on graphics and quickly transformed your comment into an ambiguous opinion after someone called you out.

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This looks like something I might buy!

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SOLID SNAKE would still win in a fight...

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Cool game with last year's graphics. Let me know how it its. I'll pass.

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@canderosn983 and then theres the issue why alot of games end up sucking , ppl like you just want OMGAWESOMEWTFBBQSAUCE graphics rather then a solild story and solid gameplayer , good day sir.

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What Ninja Giaden should have been.

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@canderosn983 Couldn't agree with you more!

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please someone tell me that this is gonna be on PS3 as well,someone say its true, I want to play this so bad.

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Dont Worry bro, trust me it will be on the PS3!!!

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cool, thanks.

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@NINJASMOKER @wolfblue87 Its Metal gear... its on ps3.

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OMG this game so far is making me very happy i have a PS3!

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having this feeling deeo inside that this game is gonna suck


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Hopefully it actually comes out in Feb. been waiting far too long for this!!

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Is this game ever coming out?

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Can't believe Snake is not there, having him made this series an EPIC game.

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@SyStem-code Don't worry. This isn't actually part of the series. Even the name is different. The series is named Metal Gear Solid. This is Metal Gear Rising. It's a bit of a spin off. The next Metal Gear Solid game will be Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Apparently it will be another Big Boss focused one. Which is fine by me.

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@SyStem-code I disagree. The supporting characters were every bit as important. IMO with the exception of the first Metal Gear Solid, the whole saga has been very story-focused. The game would have been epic even if you played as say..... Raiden or Big Boss..... ;)

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the ammount off time i went to gamee stop and GAME and xtravision and asked about this game and all i got was may next year that was 4 years ago

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is it supposed to be like the old metal gear games?or are they doing the same as most NEW games and using the name for a complete different game all together? GUESS WHAT THE NEW METAL GEARS A RPG FANTASY FIGHTING!!

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GotY 2013 for sure

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im hungry... i think ill make a sandwich

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Metal Gear Solid/Rising cant wait to play them Kojima Rocks

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Forget Devil May Cry (jan 2013 ) and wait for This one

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@SalahDinThe2nD DMC looks way better than this. Isn't MGS supposed to be a sneaky game? This game doesn't look like a Metal Gear at all.

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@orthodox1976 @SalahDinThe2nD It's not a Metal Gear Solid game, it's a Metal Gear Rising game. Think of it as a spinoff in the same fictional universe, because that's what it is. It's primarily a hacknslash with 3rd person shooter and stealth elements.

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Who cares about that "Devil may cry",the 2 most important games for 2013 are Metal Gear Rising and Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

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@Tidus1012 Forgetting GTA? Now we can't have that can we?

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Woah! What the heck is wrong with you people?! This looks very promising as a hack n slash action game, right..? Just because it's set in the Metal Gear world does not mean it's automatically a bad game since it's not a stealth game.. This is Metal gear RISING, not metal gear solid. The next MGS is on it's way, and looks good. Stop being so dramatic, it's not like they've ruined the whole series, this is just a spinoff.It's like you want a hamburger, but you get a hamburger with a coke and fries for free and you complain about the fries. get you head out your ass and give it a shot. I respect what Kojima has done for this project, i believe it's still true to the storyline of MGS and instead of cheating us out of a stealth experience, this game gives us something more to enjoy in the whole game series.

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guys, give kojima chance on promoting Raiden. Though I wonder the storyline on this, Kojima's usually have deep story.

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its all about swords now? Not another asassin creed game action like? i played MGS since it was called MG only. it always included a Snake character and it was alwayes a bit of reality in the sci-fi story (gamestory). And equipment was always hi-tech/kind of reality armory an so on...

If the game is played with a sword and like this trailer- action game?, i will not buy it! i played all MG(nintendo) and MGS(PS,Pc) games . and to this date i LOVE THEM ALL----)))

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@zracxes Please notice that this is Metal gear RISING, not metal gear solid. This is a spinoff... The next Metal Gear Solid is already on it's way, and looking gooood... mean while we might enjoy a little bit of kojima storytelling in form of a spin off series, i don't see why not :) I believe anything with metal gear will be purely awesome, no matter what genre it is. The espionage series will return with the next game, but this looks very promising as an action packed hack-n-slash game.. so no, it's not all about swords now, but MGS2 ended with swordplay, so i think this is a very logical way to continue the Raiden storyline :)

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Really disappointed after watching this video, I really thought raiden will be much more stealthy since he's like a ninja and he favors the katana as his main weapon. I will be very unpleased with this game if it does turns out to be a hack & slash type, well I guess that's why they drop the "Solid" and replace it with "Rising". Sucks.

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This is MGS!?! HAH!! What a peace of......oh no no no! Another one button smashup....:(

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@cromen Not MGS. MGR. the next MGS is on its way, get your head out your ass and enjoy this while waiting for the next "real" mgs game. :)

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Because this is on the Xbox also. Look for this game to be about 8 hours of game play.

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Brilliant logic. You should major in law or philosphy. It's your calling.

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This game looks amazing

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So excited!!

This game say's, "Screw stealth! Leave that to old man Snake. LET'S GO SLICE SOME S**T UP!! ! WOOO!!"

I can't wait to play this!

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MGS5 has already been announced and this game is like a side story from the original MGS. I think this game is just meant to be a fun addition to the MGS universe and really doesn't deserve all the hate that it's getting. Hideo Kojima and Konami have never let us down when is comes to MGS, so let's give this game a chance. And for those that think this game is no good don't have to play it and can wait for MGS5.

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do not want

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Such a terrible idea for a game... Leave Devil May Cry to do hack and slash games!!

Plus theirs no way this game is going to come anywhere near close to the popularity of MGS series.

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Depends if this game has unlocks and replay value...

Like Lolipop Chainsaw.