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This looks crap? WTH this is the BEST RTS! Your'e probably a CoH fanboy. I was too until I played this

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this looks crap

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This is a great HRTS game! I liked the demo, so I bought the game. Its a blast! Worth every penny. I spent an entire weekend playing, totally immersed in the historic battles. Im looking forward to playing again this weekend. :)

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WW2 is so overused because its the only plausible war to make a game out of. WW! would be boring as hell, because it was mostly trenches. The Civil War would be impossible to make a game that could even catch the attention of this run and gun genre. And the Vietnam War is still a touchy subject that if they were to make a decent one based on actual historical events(like what CoD did), the developer and game would catch so much flak they would kill production on it. Thus why we're stuck with WW2, "what ifs", and futuristic shooters. Not much variety there...even if you do combine them all together.

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ne one else waiting for a company of heroes with modern weapons, ww2 has been overdone.................

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@mayceV ...it's an RTS .. not an FPS - and the graphics aren't bad at all for the genre.

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ummm i'm sorry if you fell in love with this game I honesly think the game will be rated 6> thats my opinoin cuz why would you buy this game over call of duty or medal of honor because this game doesn't have the graphical quality of many other games in the genre. I know its not all about graphics but the graphics can show wether a dev team tried or not.

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Anyone playing the MP beta? I just DL'ded it from fileplanet, gonna see what's up with it. I'm just wondering if it is fun, from anyone that has been playing online.

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die!!!DIE!!!!DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

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no so good grafics but is nice game

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great game. i this game cant be a "COH wanna be" in any way. first part of this game came 2 years before COH, but it didnt get a good review on gamespot. i guess they didnt pay addvertizings enough.

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looks like a COH wanna-be!

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i didnt like this one..

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I am pretty tired of WW2 games, there are SO MANY good WW2 games, that is almost impossible to beat them! Why not trying something new, like the Iraqi War? We would have options like Airstrike, Artilery, Chopper Support if US General or IED's, machinegun ambush, suicide bombers as an insurgent leader!

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There's a demo out for this on fileshack.

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i liked faces of war, I bet this will be even better :D

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this game doesnt look that great. i think ill stick to CoH

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Faces of war ?? Same soviet uniforms ,same voices of germans wtf ???

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What happen to the video?

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Guys... it's not a "CoH" wannabe. The first game in this series, Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2, came out a whole two years before CoH did. Where CoH is a Dawn of War-type base-build RTS, MoW is like a top-down third person shooter focusing on the actions of individual soldiers and the importance of flexibility and initiative. I recommend you all play S:HoWW2 or Faces of War, MoW's predecessors. These games are great fun and have a lot to offer. They are not your standard WW2 RTS fare.

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Dunno... Kinda looks like a "lesser" Company of Heroes

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Cool video, I hope that game itself is cool too. I really like WW2 games so this gonna be GREAT!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I think this game looks cool. I hope the scale of the battles are large like the trailer makes it look.

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this aint no next gen game.. and ww2 games are gettin boring.. much of em

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huh...how many times do you think the russians, germans, and the americans where in the same battle? talk about historical inaceacy.

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wow, plenty of blood.

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Oh one more thing menofwargame.com takes me to << LINK REMOVED >> any1 eles try to go to the wesite i had to google the company

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How is this a Coh wannabe its more like the next gen of rts

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you should try out the predecesors of this game. Face of war Soldiers 1, Soldiers II. before saying its s coh wannabe....

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LOL, funny video. Seems a pretty kool game though, but you have to admit, a bit of wannabe-COH. :D But then again, about every genre follows the game that changes first.