Men of War - First Five Minutes

Get a glimpse at Men of War with uninterrupted gameplay from the first five minutes of the game's Soviet campaign.

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Good game, but damn it sounds like a Russian MS Sam voice program, DA!

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the style almost the same as COH series.......n much more like FOW.......dang~ gonna play it

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Graphics are terrible.

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Why are they playing on low? The graphics are a lot better than that on higher settings. Awesome game btw!

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Nice soundtrack.

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it really really sucks, but i think they made it in a different country so the graphics sucked, but just like any other graphic companies they always get better by making more and more games

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this was really really weird... this shouldnt represent WAR at all because of how peaceful and boring this was -_-

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Good game! the voice acting is like that because it was made in some foreign country...Did I say it was a good game...IT IS

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wow the voice acting is um...... well it sucks don't it.

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nids better voice acting...

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To Nemuss looks the same cuz its made by the same ppl

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Is seeems like faces of war,,,, :S

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Cheaters!!!!!!!!!! this is a Carbon copy of faces of war!

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good game but i prefer company of heroes.

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the guy sounds like a narrator from the history channel or something like that

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That voice acting is diabolical! Silence would be better. One of the russians speaks with a German accent ffs! And a commandind officer addressing his troops as "guys"? Amateurish.

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coh is still better

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they used that song in the battle AOE....

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nice game

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might pick it up after reading the review

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What the hell ?This is Faces of War .... :S:S

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honestly, if you get over the voice acting and over the sometimes awkward vehicle movements its not a bad game at all. gets pretty addictive.

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That's the worst voice acting I've heard in quite a while. Especially the last few lines at the end of the video.

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looks like its copying COH in teh mission maps and such but its got nothing.

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Once again you failed to create a good video ;( game is very good but you should be more carefull with the videos. AND grafics on low hmmm, The best thing for one's who dont know to buy it or not is to try demo :) demo is great

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Certainly doesn't inspire me to buy it. Looks very much likes its' predecessors.